Volvo was looking for insights about Americans' views of electric vehicles with a new poll.

A new survey commissioned by Volvo Cars USA indicates that roughly three-quarters of American drivers believe electric vehicles are the future of driving.

Volvo said the poll, which was conducted by The Harris Poll, was done because the automaker wanted to develop a better understanding of current perceptions of electric vehicles and how people think EVs could meet their day-to-day driving experiences, including the challenges and the benefits.

One key finding of the poll was that 59% of all drivers feel driving an EV has a positive environmental impact, outweighing activities such recycling, switching to paperless billing or utilizing smart home technology to regulate residential heating and cooling.

Some 74% of EV drivers believe the long-term savings on gas outweigh the higher price-tag of buying an EV, according to the poll, which has already announced a broad electrification strategy and launching its own EV brand, Polestar.

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Strong sales of the Tesla Model 3 indicate that at least some Americans are excited about electric vehicles.

The poll also found that the current generation EV drivers, which is still relatively small, is “highly satisfied” with their EV.

However, they are also found EV owners indicate they are still several convenience-related barriers in driving an electric vehicles. The poll also found the respondents indicated EV drivers crave more convenient charging options while they are away from home.

Although the most common place EV drivers recharge their vehicles is at home, 51%, many also charge their vehicles while out and about. Despite charging their vehicles at public stations nearly half the time, the respondents indicated existing charging stations leave much to be desired.

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More than one-third – 36% – say the experience of using public charging stations is time-consuming. The poll also found they would like additional amenities such as the option of paying for a quicker charge, an onsite coffee shop or cafe with Wi-Fi and/or an accessible gym or fitness center. Respondents also indicated they would like a system for collecting reward points for each charge and maintenance services.

Most EVs will be charged at home, but for those charging while on the road, they'd like to see a coffee shop or exercise facility.

The full results of the poll are published in Volvo Reports: The State of Electric Vehicles in America, the latest in a series of Volvo Reports from Volvo Car USA and The Harris Poll that explores the ever-changing relationship between Americans and their cars.

Volvo said in a statement that like the majority of Americans, it believes the future is electric, pointing Volvo’s electrification strategy document states that by 2025, 50% of Volvo Cars’ sales volume will be fully electric.

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Volvo currently offers plug-in hybrid cars and SUVs that run on both gasoline and battery-electric power. In the future, Volvo will add more powertrain options – including mild hybrids and battery-electric vehicles – designed to improve customers’ lives.

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