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Volvo XC60 Drives Off with Japan’s Car of the Year Award

Winner pulls away at the end in close vote.

by on Dec.12, 2017

The Volvo XC60 capture the Japan Car of the Year award.

The Volvo XC60 was named Japan Car of the Year, beating out some formidable competition.

In a close vote count that saw the lead change three times between the XC60, beat out the BMW 5-Series and the closest Japanese competitor, the Toyota Camry, the XC60 pulled away at the end polling 294 votes.

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The XC60 finished some 52 votes in front of the 5-Series and 62 votes ahead of the Camry.

“This is the first time in Japan COTY’s 38-year history that Volvo has won an award,” Volvo Japan CEO Takayuki Kimura said.

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“To be honest, I would have been happy with the Import Car of the Year. But to come away with the overall Japan Car of the Year is totally unexpected and sincerely humbling. I dedicate this award to the 100 dealers and 1400 staff across the nation.”

The Suzuki Swift finished in fourth place, ahead of the Honda N-Box, Lexus LC, Alfa Romeo Giulia, Mazda CX-5, Citroen C3 and VW Tiguan.

In the special award categories, Toyota picked up a hat-trick of trophies; one for Best Innovation for its Prius PHEV while the Lexus LC captured the Emotional Award. Then, in this, its 20th anniversary since launching the Prius hybrid, Toyota picked up the COTY steering committee’s “Special Achievement Award” for the brand’s 10 millionth hybrid sale.

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Toyota executive chairman and first-gen Prius chief engineer Takeshi Uchiyamada accepted the special trophy for the automaker.

The Honda N-Box won the Small Mobility Award for being judged the best vehicle in Japan’s unique 660cc class category.

In the second biggest surprise of the day after Volvo’s victory, a second Special Achievement Award was presented to racer Takuma Sato for his victory in this year’s Indy 500, making him the first Japanese to win the legendary race.

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Under the rules of the “Car of the Year” balloting in Japan if an imported car walks off with the Japan COTY, the Import COTY award is then shelved.

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