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Volkswagen Issues Second Recall for Minivan Ignitions

Chrysler-made vehicles getting new ignitions.

by on Apr.16, 2015

Volkswagen is recalling 21,000 Routan minivans to fix faulty ignition switches.

Volkswagen entered into a partnership with Chrysler in 2008 to help the German maker fill its void in the minivan segment in the U.S. Now that partnership is giving VW a headache as it’s recalling nearly 21,000 of the minivans for the second time.

VW is recalling them again to fix faulty ignition switches that can cause the vans to stall.

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The recall covers roughly 18,500 Routan minivans from the 2009 model year and another 2,200 from 2010. The switches can unexpectedly slip out of the run position, shutting off the engines, knocking out power steering and brakes and disabling the air bags.

The vans were recalled last year due to the same problem but federal officials determined the repair was ineffective. Dealers will now replace the entire ignition switch. Volkswagen says parts will be available for 2009 models this month and for 2010 models in August.

Until the vehicles are inspected, owners should remove all items except the ignition key from their key rings. The key fob also should be removed, the filing said. The recall is an extension of two recalls: a 2011 recall of 2010 Routans and a 2014 recall of 2009 Routans.

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No injuries or deaths have been reported as a result of the problem.

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Chrysler recalled more than 700,000 minivan models from 2008 to 2010 for the identical issue.

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For the first repair, FCA attempted to bolster the position of the ignition key position with a trim ring, which was deemed ineffective. Fiat Chrysler also elected to completely replace the ignitions in the minivans. It was similar to the problem that General Motors had with its small cars last year that resulted in the recall of nearly 2.6 million cars last year.

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One Response to “Volkswagen Issues Second Recall for Minivan Ignitions”

  1. Jorge says:

    The story says the Feds determined the repairs last year “were effective” when it should read: “ineffective”.

    BTW this should be a Chrysler/ vendor supplier issue since Chrysler built the vehicle, not VW. I understand VW is required to do the safety repairs, but they should be back-billing Chrysler who should be back-billing the ignition switch vendor IF its a quality control/design issue from the vendor. If it’s a Chrysler design issue then they are stuck paying the bill.