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Designers Unleash Love for Mustang

Pony car-inspired shirts give mavens an outlet for affection.

by on Aug.25, 2014

Detroit native Anna Sui created an airbrushed Mustang as one of 15 designs for Mustang Unleashed, a collection of t-shirts.

Buying a 2015 Ford Mustang to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its introduction may be a little unrealistic for most folks, but there is a way to show your ’Stang love for a lot less money: t-shirts.

Ford invited five fashion designers to create Mustang Unleashed, a series of 15 Mustang-inspired t-shirts featuring the legendary pony car in some way or form.

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Anna Sui; Rogan Gregory and Scott Mackinlay-Hahn of Rogan; Paula Cademartori; Tomaso Anfossi and Francesco Ferrari of CO|TE; and Pamela Love are coordinating with Loomstate, an organic and sustainable apparel maker, to design and produce the shirts.

The t-shirts will be available starting in September exclusively at, a membership-based online store.

Another more than a dozen Mustang-inspired t-shirts created by fashion designers to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Mustang.

“Mustang embraces passion, power, adventure and freedom, and by collaborating with top designers known for their expressive personalities and designs, we are blending the parallels between the worlds of fashion and automotive like never before,” said Kim Cape, Ford group marketing manager.

“The Mustang Unleashed collection celebrates the passion and freedom of Mustang, and its inspiration to pop culture over the last 50 years.”

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The designs for the shirts range from a colorfully decorated 2015 Mustang to a series of tire tracks criss-crossing all over the shirt to the Mustang pony in different colors.

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“Having grown up in Detroit,” said Sui, “I wanted to incorporate my memories of Mustang and celebrate the spirit of pop culture and Americana in my designs. As a designer, I am constantly inspired by everything around me and often include a nod to my roots – referring to nostalgic, romantic and rock influences – just like Ford Mustang.”

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The shirts are made by Loomstate in the United States using 100% organic cotton. For the collection, the women’s casual-fit T-shirt will feature a unique U/V-shaped neckline, slightly fitted sleeves while men’s collection will be available in a classic crew-neck style. Pre-orders for the shirt begin Aug. 26 and the shirts cost $39.

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