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Nismo 370Z Coming This Summer

Nissan second product joins Juke Nismo.

by on May.01, 2013

Nissan announced the 370Z Nismo will reach dealer showrooms this summer.

Nissan announced back in February that it would be expanding its performance-oriented sub-brand, dubbed Nismo for Nissan Motorsports, which will offer sportier, enthusiast versions of Nissan products. And now the second Nismo-inspired vehicle is coming.

The Nismo version of the Nissan 370Z will reach showrooms this summer.

The 2014 370Z Nismo follows the new Nismo design theme with distinctive new exterior and interior accents.

Your High Horsepower Source!

“The 370Z Nismo, since its introduction as part of the original Nissan 350Z lineup, has embodied the spirit of Nismo – race-proven engineering that is attainable,” said Pierre Loing, vice president, Product and Advanced Planning and Strategy, Nissan Americas.


Nissan Reorganizes in The Americas

Huge losses spur a regional approach and a retreat from large trucks to electric vehicles.

by on Apr.28, 2009

"We recognize that we are competing under very difficult conditions,” said Carlos Tavores of Nissan The Americas.

"We recognize that we are competing under very difficult conditions,” said Carlos Tavores of Nissan The Americas.

Coming off  large global and regional losses during the 2008 fiscal year, Nissan is changing the management and structure for the Americas. The latest moves seem to be as much about increasing its share from insignificant in South America, as it is also an attempt to shed costs in North America, after a company-threatening, failed foray into making large SUVs and pickup trucks there.

Carlos Tavares, chairman of the newly reconfigured Management Committee-Americas, described the new plan for growth in the region as a “renewed commitment to delighting customers with innovative ideas for the joy of everyday driving.”

“We are taking a holistic approach to unlock new synergies in the region and to shift the Americas to zero-emission mobility,” he added, in what could be a record for meaningless clichés in one statement, although it is an extremely competitive field among auto execs.

The only immediate “innovation” on the product planning horizon that TDB is aware of involves Nissan’s attempt to counter Toyota’s and Honda’s hybrid dominance with a line of electric vehicles that are due next year in the U.S. and Japan as a demonstration fleet. Two years later, Nissan EVs will be made available to the mass market globally. Demand for EVs remains to be proven.

Japan’s third largest auto company is the only offshore company that has asked for U.S. taxpayer assistance, via a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy, where $25 billion has been allocated to encourage production of vehicles that are 25% more fuel efficient than others in the class. The controversial formula used for mileage attained by electric vehicles puts gasoline-powered ones at a disadvantage. (more…)