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Sport Hybrid Gives Muscle Honda CR-Z Long Needed

Hatchback gets supercharged boost from HPD performance division.

by on Aug.21, 2014

The supercharger package for the Honda CR-Z Sport Hybrid adds some chassis and appearance upgrades to the hp boost from the new blower.

(This story has been updated to include torque numbers, and information about fuel economy changes.)

Long in promise, short in performance, that’s been the widely voiced complaint about the Honda CR-Z since the hatchback hybrid was first introduced four years ago this month. But the Japanese maker plans to correct that problem with the help of its Honda Performance Development, or HPD, division.

The street performance division has come up with a new dealer-installed supercharger package that will deliver a more than 50% boost to the standard-issue CR-Z pony count. The performance punch won’t come cheap, however, Honda setting the price for the 2015 CR-Z Sport Hybrid kit at $5,495 – plus dealer installation fees.

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“The CR-Z was the first hybrid to prove that efficiency doesn’t have to come at the cost of sportiness and fun,” said Art St. Cyr, president of Honda Performance Development. “With HPD street performance accessories, including the new supercharger kit, the CR-Z will surprise everyone again with even higher levels of performance directly inspired by our on-track racing efforts.”


Honda Rolls Out 2014 Civic Coupe, Adds More Muscle to CR-Z Hybrid

Japanese maker launches new performance parts operation.

by on Nov.05, 2013

Honda makes "significant" changes to the Civic Coupe, including the more powerful 2014 Si model.

While most automakers come to SEMA with an assortment of tricked out concept cars, it was nothing but the real deal at the Honda stand where the Japanese maker pulled the wraps off its updated 2014 Civic Coupe.

The introduction marks the third major update of the Honda Civic line in just three years and underscores both the significance of the Civic model and the increasing competition in the compact segment.

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Honda had some other big news for 2014, however. The maker also announced that it will be offering a performance-enhanced version of the CR-Z hybrid, and that its racing arm, Honda Performance Development, or HPD, will now handle an expanded focus on aftermarket street parts and accessories.


Big Changes Coming with Next Toyota Prius

New design, all-wheel-drive on tap.

by on Nov.19, 2012

Toyota may make some major changes with the next-generation Prius hatchback.

It may be the world’s most popular hybrid-electric vehicle but that isn’t stopping Toyota from tinkering with success.

According to various reports, the fifth-generation Toyota Prius now in the midst of its development will be given a significantly updated design, a new platform – and a new all-wheel-drive version of the familiar Hybrid Synergy Drive system.

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With more and more hybrids coming to market from virtually every major manufacturer Toyota appears not to want to wait until the competition catches up but hopes to continues to setting a benchmark for the gas-electric segment.

“The next Prius will redefine the hybrid as we know it,” the British publication Auto Express quotes a senior Toyota engineer promising.


Honda Shows Supercharged CR-Z

Will the not-so-hot hatch finally get the performance buyers have demanded?

by on Oct.31, 2012

Honda offers some hope to those who want real performance from the little CR-Z.

Honda fans attending this week’s SEMA Show in Las Vegas are in for a treat as the maker pulls the wraps of a series of concept vehicles that includes a supercharged version of the not-so-hot hatch CR-Z.

Though the Japanese maker insists the show car is simply an “exploration of the performance potential of the CR-Z Sport Hybrid,” Honda officials have sent broad signals that they’re looking for ways to punch up the performance of the much-maligned 3-door.  And the SEMA Show has become a test ground for numerous makers to measure whether concepts will click with performance-oriented buyers.

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Formally named the HPD Supercharged CR-Z Concept, it’s the work of the Honda Performance Division – which has a number of other show cars making their debut in Sin City this week, including the Accord Sedan X-Package and the Acura ILX Performance Racer.


Acura Will Update – Then Drop — Slow-Selling ZDX

A grand send-off for a product few will miss.

by on Oct.10, 2012

Fade to black: Acura updates the ZDX before banishing the unloved crossover.

Some makers prefer to let their failures slip away quietly.  Acura, however, is giving a big send-off to the unloved ZDX as it prepares to banish the slow-selling crossover off into oblivion.

The ZDX has been one of the poorest performers in the entire lineup of Honda/Acura products – and one of an assortment of niche products that didn’t quite connect with U.S. consumers, also including the Honda-branded Insight and CR-Z models.

The maker is now looking to either find fixes – as with the updated CR-Z unveiled at the Paris Motor Show — or pare back and, as a corporate statement suggests, “sharpen (the) focus on new models and core products.”

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The Acura ZDX emerged in 2009 as part of a new wave of crossovers that seemed to be trying to find a balance between sports coupe and sport-ute. Perhaps the only real success in the segment has been the BMX X6. For the first nine months of the year, Acura sold just 642 ZDX crossovers, down from an already anemic 1220 during the same period the year before.  By comparison, the luxury maker sold 4692 of its more conventional MDX crossovers in September.


Honda Adding New Small Car Plant in Mexico

Maker’s eighth North American assembly line.

by on Aug.15, 2011

The Honda Fit is likely to be among the first products to roll out of the maker's new Mexican plant. An EV version of the subcompact will launch in 2012.

Plagued by the threat of earthquakes, tsunamis — and lopsided exchange rates, Japanese automakers are shifting more and more manufacturing off the home islands – Honda announcing it will build its eighth North American assembly plant in Mexico.

Set to begin production in 2014, the $800 million factory will produce subcompacts – such as the Honda Fit and CR-Z — for sale in the U.S., Canadian and Mexican markets, the automaker says.  Assembling those low-priced models has become increasingly difficult in Japan, especially with the yen rising to its highest level ever, all but ensuring imports would be money-losers in the North American market.

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The factory will employ 3,200 and have an annual capacity of 200,000.  That will bring the to 1.83 million the total number of Honda and Acura cars and light trucks the carmaker will be able to produce in North America – which it estimates will be about 87% of its volume once the new assembly plant opens.`


Report: Honda Readying Engine for Possible CR-Z Si or Type R

Automaker said to be working on turbocharged 1.6-liter engine that could power several models.

by on Dec.07, 2010

Could the 2011 Honda CR-Z Hybrid R Concept suggest what a Honda CR-Z Si or Type R might look like?

Fans of the beloved old Honda CRX Si may finally get what they want in its spiritual successor, the CR-Z.

The CR-Z has the look of a third-generation Honda CRX, xx years after Honda stopped selling it.

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Now, Autocar, a British auto enthusiast publication is saying that Honda is working on a new powertrain that trades the current car’s hybrid powertrain for a turbocharged engine. How does a CR-Z Si sound?  Or even a CR-Z Type R.

Autocar says its sources in Japan say Honda is working on a new turbocharged 1.6-liter four cylinder aimed at replacing the 2.0-liter from the defunct Civic Type R.

Click here to read Autocar’s report.

Honda CR-Z Debuts in 3-D in Times Square Thursday

Is this the first time a 3-D promo is broadcast to a public space?

by on Sep.22, 2010

This is the latest example of automotive marketing moving from traditional media.

Honda will hold what it says is the first-ever takeover of Times Square with  3-D technology to launch the CR-Z sport hybrid coupe tomorrow.

The marketing event marks the first time 3-D footage will be broadcast to the public space, in this case five blocks of Times Square in New York City, according to Honda. No matter about the claim, it is the latest indicator of how event marketing is changing automotive advertising and promotion, with a clear shift from traditional broadcast and print outlets to so-called new media.

As a part of the takeover, Honda will run 3-D CR-Z commercial footage on the Times Square HD Spectacolor (sic) screen located on Broadway between 46th and 47th Street. Sony will provide 3-D Gran Turismo 5 racing simulators. Honda will also sponsor a special performance from the hip-hop trio N.E.R.D.

The Times Square CR-Z event will run from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST, with N.E.R.D. taking the stage at 12:30 p.m. to perform. Attendees will receive special glasses to view the 3-D CR-Z television commercial footage. They will also have the opportunity to “interact” with the all-new CR-Z sport hybrid coupe. Other on-site activities include live screen printing, 3-D photo booths and prize giveaways.