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Another Surprise: VW Lands in Global Sales Lead Despite Diesel Drop

Toyota slips to second after production problems.

by on Jul.29, 2016

VW hopes to keep momentum building - despite its diesel woes - with new products like the Alltrack.

A day after reporting a sharp drop in second-quarter earnings, embattled German automaker Volkswagen AG got some good news. Despite its ongoing diesel emissions problems, VW is once again the world’s best-selling automaker – albeit because of a series of unexpected production problems that have been hobbling Japanese giant Toyota in recent months.

Hit by both natural and man-made disasters, Toyota has repeatedly been forced to trim home market production, and the result was a global slide of 0.6% in sales for the first half of 2016, to 4.992 million vehicles. A year earlier, the automaker sold 5.021 million Toyota, Lexus and Daihatsu-branded vehicles from January through June.

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Though sales have been down in some markets, notably including the U.S., where it can’t sell its once-popular diesel models, VW managed to deliver 5.116 million cars, trucks and crossovers for the first half of this year, a 1.5% increase.


GM Reveals More About Supercruise

Semi-Autonomous tech delayed until late 2017.

by on Jul.25, 2016

GM will debut Supercruise on the Cadillac CT6.

Wary of the problems that appear to have caused the fatal crash of a Tesla Model S running in semi-autonomous mode, General Motors wants to take a bit more time before rolling out its own Supercruise system.

And that should allow GM to be much more confident that the technology will work as planned, said Mark Reuss, General Motors’ global product development chief. Among other things, once Supercruise makes its debut on the Cadillac CT6 sedan, it will feature a retinal recognition system designed to make sure that a driver is paying attention to the road, even if their hands aren’t on the wheel.

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The May 9th Tesla crash appears to have been the result of a system malfunction that failed to recognize when a truck turned in front of the Model S sedan. But there are also some indications the 40-year-old driver was distracted, possibly watching a video on a laptop computer, rather than acting as a human backup to the Autopilot system.


General Motors Taking “Step Back” in Push to Autonomous Driving

CEO Barra says no “specific date” for launch of Supecruise system.

by on Jul.22, 2016

GM CEO Mary Barra said the company is rethinking its timeframe for the introduction of semi- and fully autonomous vehicles.

The fatal crash of a Tesla Model S using the maker’s Autopilot system appears to be having some serious repercussions across the auto industry as manufacturers and regulators re-think the rush to put semi- and fully autonomous vehicles on the road.

Among the automakers taking a “step back” is General Motors, where Chairman and CEO Mary Barra said the maker is taking another “look at what technology is in the best interest of consumers.” One consequence may be a delay in the roll-out of GM’s Supercruise, a system believed to be similar in function to the Tesla Autopilot.

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Until recently, GM was indicating it would launch the Supercruise software on its new Cadillac CT6 sedan sometime in 2017. But at this point, Barra told reporters in Detroit, “We aren’t putting a specific date on it,” but officials later added the feature is still expected to debut in 2017. (more…)

GM’s Tab for Takata May be $870 Million

Company doesn't believe it will have to make Takata-related repairs.

by on Jul.22, 2016

General Motors faces an $870 million liability related to Takata airbags in 6.8 million vehicles.

General Motors Co. faces potential liabilities of $870 million if it has to replace 6.8 million Takata airbags in cars, full-size trucks and sport-utility vehicles, according to documents filed by the company with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

The company doesn’t believe there is a safety defect at this time in any of its vehicles related to the airbags it has filed reports with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, covering 2.5 million full-size pick-up trucks and sport utility vehicles.

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“As a result of discussions with NHTSA and as described in the Preliminary DIR, GM will have an opportunity to prove to NHTSA that the inflators in these vehicles do not pose an unreasonable risk to safety,” the company noted in the filing. (more…)

GM Q2 Earnings More Than Double Even as Sales Slip

Globe’s 3rd-largest automaker ups full-year forecast.

by on Jul.21, 2016

GM has been rushing out an assortment of new models, including a remake of the Chevy Malibu.

General Motors saw its second-quarter profit more than double, reaching a record $2.87 billion, the maker announced on Thursday, handily beating Wall Street expectations.

The surge came despite the fact that GM has seen sales slip in recent months – even while the overall U.S. car market continues to grow. The results appear to validate the strategy of trimming back on lower-profit rental and other fleet sales in favor of growing the retail side of the sales ledger.

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“This was an outstanding quarter for GM,” said Chairman and CEO Mary Barra. “Our results were generated by strong retail sales in the U.S., record sales in China and a continued emphasis on improving the performance of our operations worldwide. We’ll continue to focus on driving profitable growth and leveraging our technical expertise to lead in the future of personal mobility.”


GM’s Legal Problems Continue to Grow

Automaker likely to be center of Presidential campaign this fall.

by on Jul.20, 2016

Donald Trump's selection of Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is likely to keep GM as well as Fiat Chrysler in the news. Pence was a critic of the auto baillout.

If you listen to General Motors executives, the company’s 2009 bankruptcy is an event from the company’s distant history. For GM’s lawyers, however, the bankruptcy and its aftermath is still very much alive.

Many of the creditors have never given up trying to recover the money they say is owed to them by what has come to be known as “Old GM,” and the trust that has liquidated assets, primarily real estate that the company abandoned, during its short trip through bankruptcy court back seven years ago.

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Earlier this week, the dissatisfied creditors won the right from bankruptcy judge in Manhattan to pursue a $1.5 billion claim, stemming from the bankruptcy. (more…)

“New” GM Scores Small Court Victory

Judge claims car owners can't sue for lost value.

by on Jul.18, 2016

GM scored a small victory in court today when a judge dismissed a large chunk of potential claims against the automaker related to its faulty ignitions.

A New York federal judge dismissed a portion of the claims lodged by a proposed class of car owners within the General Motors Co. – “New” GM – ignition switch multi-district litigation, saying they exaggerated their claim.

The group argues the automaker’s alleged cover-up of dozens of defects devalued their vehicles, suggesting the damages run as high as $10 billion, but in a ruling certain to be appealed, a federal district judge in Manhattan has ruled the drivers’ “unprecedented” damages theory was flawed.

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The plaintiffs’ pursuit of damages based purely on perceived harm to GM’s brand following more than 70 recalls in 2014 was “unprecedented and unsound,” U.S. District Judge Jesse Furman wrote in his opinion, adding to the complex legal thicket surrounding the ignition switch controversy. (more…)

Appeals Court Deals GM Major Setback in Ignition Case

"New" GM back on hook for financial harm done to owners.

by on Jul.14, 2016

After faring well in a series of bellwether cases, General Motors suffered a serious legal setback related to its faulty ignitions.

General Motors Co. just suffered a major setback in the long-running litigation over the defective ignition switch in GM vehicles linked to more than 120 deaths and hundreds more injuries.

A federal appeals court reversed part of a bankruptcy court ruling that protected the automaker from some lawsuits over the defect that prompted the recall of 2.6 million vehicles in 2014.

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The court found that “New” GM is not immune to lawsuits from owners claiming they have been financially harmed due to the loss in value of their recalled vehicles. (more…)

GM Expands Lyft Drivers’ Rental Program

San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver next cities to get deal.

by on Jul.12, 2016

The Chevrolet Bolt will be part of the new Express Drive program for Lyft drivers, starting this fall.

General Motors’ quest to expand the markets for its vehicles hit another milestone today as it announced it was expanding its Express Drive rental program available to Lyft drivers in California and Colorado.

The company said it will be offering the program, which offers Lyft drivers reduced rates on GM vehicles based on how many passengers they pick up each week. The deals will be offered in San Francisco later this summer while drivers in Los Angeles, California, and Denver, Colorado this fall.

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Participants in the program can choose from a variety of vehicles, including the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV, a pure electric vehicle it has said will have a range of more than 200 miles and is slated to go into production later this year, will be part of the program as well as the 2016 Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. (more…)

GM Unveils New Space-Tested RoboGlove

Company-produced robotic gloves for NASA coming to Earth.

by on Jul.06, 2016

Marty Linn, General Motors manager of advanced technology and principal engineer for robotics, shakes hands with Robonaut 2 wearing the RoboGlove.

Automakers often talk about the real-world benefits of their racing programs; however, General Motors’ latest innovation requires a little more speed than the race track to get to its testing environment: outer space.

Working with a company named Bioservo Technologies AB, GM developed a robotic glove used by NASA on the International Space Station. Called the Soft Extra Muscle (SEM) Glove, it’s a glove that the user wears to help maintain a steady grip. Nicknamed “RoboGlove,” it’s a nine-year endeavor is now finding its way to Earth.

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RoboGlove uses a collection of sensors, actuators and tendons that are comparable to human nerves, muscles and tendons to mimic the moves and utility of a human hand. The technology was used on NASA’s Robonaut 2 (R2) that was sent to space in 2011. As part of that mission, R2 needed to be able to operate tools designed for humans, and developers achieved unprecedented hand dexterity with the technology. (more…)