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Ford Cuts Production of C-Max, Focus to Offset Oversupply

Maker introducing new Transit Connect Taxi to Hong Kong.

by on Oct.22, 2013

Ford is cutting production on the C-Max. It has a 122-day supply of the car: double the ideal number.

Ford Motor Co. continues working to balance its global business by implementing its first significant production cuts in more than a year while pushing plans to open a new market for Ford-made taxi cabs in southern China.

Ford officials said the automaker will temporarily stop producing the Focus and C-Max at the Michigan Assembly plant for two weeks this fall to reduce growing inventories. The assembly plant will be idle for the weeks of Oct. 28 and Dec. 16.

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Inventory of the C-Max, which has been hurt by challenges to its fuel-economy rating, has crept up to a 122-day supply, which is double what most automakers consider as a desirable. With the government shutdown unfolding, Focus started October with a 71-day supply. (more…)

Is 40 the New 30 – MPG, That is?

Searching the LA Auto Show for the newest 40 mpg offerings.

by on Dec.03, 2012

The new Honda Accord PHEV will get 115 MPGe, says the EPA, the highest mileage rating in the industry.

For years we’ve been hearing about the surprising vim and vigor of people who hit age milestones like 40 that once meant the downhill slide had begun.  Now 40 is being touted as the new 30.  Might this milestone hold true for cars, as well?

Is 40 miles per gallon the new 30?

Could this be the de facto standard for a new crop of vigorous, green machines that promise to cart our gracefully aging selves around while taking baby sips of fuel — or electrons?

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To get a sense, we kicked the tires and listened in on the news conferences and Q&A sessions during the two press preview days at the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show.

The second day started off with the Green Car of the Year award going to the promising new 2013 Ford Fusion that offers a hybrid version providing an average for city and highway driving of 47 mpg.  Not bad.


Milestones: Ford Saarlouis Builds 12 Millionth Car

Daily production is currently 1,920 units. New Focus coming.

by on Aug.26, 2010

Ford Saarlouis plant's 12 millionth vehicle - a current generation Ford Focus

Ford’s Saarlouis Plant in south-west Germany celebrated building its 12 millionth vehicle today – a white Ford Focus five-door model which will be delivered to a Saarlouis employee.

Opened by Henry Ford II on June 11, 1970, the Saarlouis Plant has built some of the highest volume vehicles in Ford of Europe’s history. These include Ford Capri, produced at the plant from 1971 and 1975; the Ford Fiesta, 1976 to 1980; the Ford Orion, 1983 to 1993; the Ford C-Max since 2003; and the Ford Kuga from 2008).

Saarlouis is arguably best-known as the home of the Ford Escort, 1970 to 1998, and, since 1998, the Ford Focus when the badly outdated Escort was finally replaced after more than a decade of neglect.


About Face! Ford Abandons Trucks at Michigan Assembly Plant, Once the World’s Most Profitable

Better late than never as Ford agrees to build the latest version of the award-winnning European Focus in the U.S.

by on May.06, 2009

Out with the now money losing old, in with the new Focus.

Out with the money losing old, in with a new Focus.

Loss making Ford Motor Company unveiled this morning a $550 million changeover at its Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne from building trucks to assembling smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles.

The changeover represents a historic about face for executives at the struggling automaker, which has relied heavily on its truck line for the past 20 years. At one time Michigan Assembly, aka Michigan Truck, was said to be the most profitable auto plants in the world, as the Dearborn-based maker reaped billions of dollars in profits from the gas guzzlers that were produced there.  

Subscribe to TheDetroitBureau.comThe revamped “lean, green and flexible” manufacturing complex will build Ford’s next-generation Focus and a new battery-electric version of the Focus for the North American market. Ford executives had previously objected as “too expensive”  a plan  for assembling the latest version the award-winning European Focus in  the U.S. Instead a warmed over version of the old generation Focus was kept in production and bodystyles cut back — just as demand shifted sharply to compact cars as fuel prices sky-rocketed here.    (more…)