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Chevy Bets on Facelifts to Prop Up Three Passenger Cars

Malibu, Cruze and Spark get updates – but nada for slow-selling Sonic.

by on Apr.06, 2018

The 2019 Chevrolet Malibu in Premier and RS trims.

We’ve been hearing a lot lately about the slow death of the passenger car. Depending on which source you trust there could be any number of sedans, coupes, hatchbacks and sports cars vanishing over the next couple years as motorists by the millions migrate to SUVs, CUVs and other light trucks.

That includes the Chevrolet Sonic, from some of the latest reports. But GM North America President Alan Batey this week insisted that the automaker isn’t about to get out of the passenger car game and, as if to ensure we take him seriously, Chevrolet has revealed the updates it plans for three key models: the Malibu, Spark and Cruze – though the Sonic is notably absent.

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“We are committed to offering consumers a full lineup of products with fresh designs, new technologies and efficient powertrain options,” said Brian Sweeney, U.S. vice president of Chevrolet. “The investments we have made in Spark, Cruze and Malibu will help position the brand for success in competitive segments that still make up a significant part of the total industry.”


Chevy Goes Cruze-ing with New 2016 Sedan

Redesigned Cruze is roomier but lighter, more fuel-efficient; hatchback to follow.

by on Jun.25, 2015

GM CEO Mary Barra shows off the larger but lighter and more fuel-efficient 2016 Chevrolet Cruze.

Chevy hopes to Cruze to the top of the compact sales charts with the all-new sedan it’s launching later this year. The 2016 Chevrolet Cruze will be larger than the outgoing model, yet lighter and more fuel-efficient.

The Detroit automaker also plans to add a new hatchback version of the 2016 Chevy Cruz, reflecting a growing shift in the American market as compact buyers in the U.S. start to fall in line with more global trends.

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While it might share its name with Chevrolet’s outgoing compact sedan, not much else remains the same, said styling chief John Cafaro during a Detroit preview. “The Cruze’s approach to proportion and premium details adds to Chevrolet’s elevation of craftsmanship, content, quality and a fresh interpretation on an identity that is unmistakably Chevrolet,” he proclaimed.


Chevy Goes on Cruze Control

Maker offers first tease of next-generation compact sedan.

by on Jun.04, 2015

The 2016 Chevrolet Cruze is expected to be roomier, lighter, more fuel-efficient and better-equipped.

Chevrolet has released the first of what is likely to be a running series of teaser images and dripped out details for the next-generation Cruze sedan it will formal unveil later this month.

One of the most important products in its global line-up, Chevy is hoping to develop plenty of buzz before General Motors CEO Mary Barra helps pull the wraps off the new model on June 24th. The 2016 Cruze is one of a broad mix of new Chevrolet models coming to market for 2016, along with an all-new version of the Camaro pony car, the second-generation Volt plug-in hybrid and a complete makeover of the midsize Malbu.

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“When we introduced the (current) Cruze it replaced 15 other compact vehicles around the globe,” noted Alan Batey, president, General Motors North America and global Chevrolet brand chief. That included the generally unloved Chevy Cobalt, helping the GM brand regain some much-needed traction in a segment of the U.S. market long dominated by the Japanese.


GM Invests $50 Million to Keep Compact Cruzing

Chevy Cruze faring well in tough market segment

by on May.02, 2014

At 46 mpg Chevy Cruze Turbo Diesel is one reason why the car is selling well in the very competitive segment.

With the next generation Cruze making its debut in China last month, General Motors has committed to building the next generation Cruze for North America in its big assembly complex in Lordstown, Ohio.

GM said is investing $50 million for a new flexible Trim Shop and upgrades to the Press Room at the Lordstown Complex for the next-generation Chevrolet Cruze compact sedan.

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“This investment will enhance our customer responsiveness while providing our team with the tools and processes needed to be the best at building the next generation Cruze,” said Lordstown Plant Manager Bob Parcell. (more…)

Chevrolet Makes Trax as it Cruzes into Beijing

Maker has twin intros for China's big auto show.

by on Apr.20, 2014

GM global design chief Ed Welburn helps reveal the new Chevrolet Cruze.

General Motors stages a Broadway Style extravaganza at one of Beijing’s newest landmarks – the Water Cube from the 2008 Olympics – for the debut of the new Chevrolet Cruze.

The new model, which will eventually make its journey to the U.S., as well, shared the spotlight with the new Chevrolet Trax introduced earlier in the week at the New York Auto Show.

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“China is a very important opportunity for the Chevrolet brand,” said Alan Batey, the head of the Chevrolet brand worldwide, as the Cruze rolled out.


Chevy Rolling Out Cruze Refresh at NY Auto Show

New WiFi hot spot for GM's hot-seller.

by on Apr.15, 2014

The 2015 Chevrolet Cruze gets some modest exterior tweaks - and some major new tech.

There seem to be two General Motors these days.  One is scoring an assortment of solid hits with products ranging from the big Chevrolet Silverado pickup to the sporty new Chevy Corvette and lavish Cadillac CTS.  The other GM, well, it is struggling to keep its name from being dragged through the muddy waters surrounding its ongoing ignition switch recall scandal.

Good product is, without doubt, the best way to shore up one’s reputation, and the Detroit maker is hoping that’s what folks will be focusing on this week as the annual New York Auto Show gets underway. One of the most important GM product launches on tap will be the debut of a refreshed 2015 Chevrolet Cruze.

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Though it lags behind such compact powerhouses as the Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla, the Cruze has been doing well for GM as the Detroit maker’s top-seller in 2013.  So, no surprise the maker hopes to do even better with this update that puts an emphasis on new technology.


GM Orders Halt to Chevy Cruze Sales

Automaker tells dealers not to sell cars, but not why.

by on Mar.28, 2014

GM ordered dealers to stop selling 2013 and 2014 Chevy Cruzes without telling them why.

The bad news for General Motors continues to rain down. The company sent dealers a letter telling them to stop selling 2013 and 2014 Chevy Cruzes with 1.4-liter turbo charged engines.

Dealers say that the letter, called a “stop-sale” order, isn’t all that unusual. Typically, it means there is some sort of issue – usually a safety-related problem – that needs to be fixed. However, the maker did not give a reason for the order leaving dealers baffled.

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“This is something we don’t see every day,” a dealer told the Wall Street Journal. “To not be given a reason must mean GM has spotted an issue and is still trying to get its arms around it.” (more…)

Chevrolet Reportedly Delaying Next-Gen Cruze

Other sources insist small car’s launch “still within the original window.”

by on Jul.18, 2013

Chevy brings the new Cruze Diesel to market for 2014.

According to several news reports, the launch of the next-generation Chevrolet Cruze will be pushed back by as much as a year, a delay that could weaken the maker’s position in a highly competitive and growing segment of the U.S. market.

But while senior Chevy sources tell that the replacement for the compact model “may slip a little,” they insisted the project is “still within the window” of timing originally built into the plan.

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The Chevrolet Cruze has become one of General Motors’ most important products, both in the U.S. and globally – where Chevy now sells more than half of its vehicles.  The compact model debuted in Europe and South Korea in 2009, about the same time GM emerged from bankruptcy, and came to the U.S. a year later. Since then, worldwide sales have exceeded 2 million.


GM Reveals Plans for Next-Gen Chevy Cruze

Diesel expected to be added with next-gen sedan.

by on Aug.23, 2012

GM's Lordstown plant will build the next-generation Chevrolet Cruze.

It’s been one of the world’s best-selling nameplates and a massive factor in Chevrolet’s recent performance.  So there’s little surprise that General Motors plans to amp up the next-generation Chevy Cruze model.

The maker today confirmed plans to produce the next version of the compact line at its sprawling Lordstown, Ohio assembly plant, a move that will see GM invest $220 million into both that factory and another stamping facility in nearby Parma.

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The announce is expected to save as many as 5,000 U.S. jobs had GM decided to shift Cruze production abroad.  The decision appears to reflect a cooperative effort between the maker and the United Auto Workers Union that will bring down manufacturing costs for the next-gen Chevy Cruze.


Chevy Cruze Back in Production

Supplier problem resolved.

by on Dec.19, 2011

Chevrolet Cruze is back in production.

General Motors has solved a nagging problem that forced it to temporarily halt production of one of its most important products.

Operations are getting back to normal today at the maker’s big assembly plant in Lordstown, Ohio, where it builds the popular Chevrolet Cruze sedan.  Production of the Cruze – as well as the new Buick Regal – where halted early this month as the result of an issue with a key supplier.

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While GM declined to detail the issue a report from Deutsche Bank indicated the problem was with a suspension strut supplied by Canadian partsmaking giant Magna International.

How many vehicles GM lost is unclear, though industry analysts estimate the Lordstown Assembly Plant typically produces about 1,000 cars a day.  The factory had been idled for about two weeks.