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BMW Billboard Ties Up Traffic

Unconventional ad triggers flurry of 911 calls.

by on Jan.19, 2010

Good gosh, don't jump! This BMW billboard, along I-95, is catching attention. Photo Courtesy Connecticut Post

They say you shouldn’t jump into a major purchase, like an automobile, without sleeping on it.  And that’s probably what the folks at the BMW dealership, in Bridgeport, Connecticut, had in mind when they put their new billboard along I-95.  But the ad has generated some unexpected responses.

The message is brief: “The Overnight Test Drive,” which refers to a program BMW of Bridgeport offers allowing potential customers to take a car home for an overnight drive.  But it’s not the words that have gotten so many motorists worrying.  It’s the life-sized mannequin, in pajamas, sitting atop the sign accompanied by a teddy bear.


That’s triggered a rash of calls to the local State Police barracks from commuters worrying that someone was ready to jump (perhaps because they didn’t qualify for the program?).