How Much Does Volkswagen Maintenance Cost? (2021)

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The cost of owning a Volkswagen goes beyond just your car’s list price – you should also budget for repairs and scheduled maintenance services. But how much does Volkswagen maintenance cost?

In this article, we’ll go over the average annual Volkswagen maintenance cost, the VW service schedule and what you might pay for commonly reported repairs.

We’ll also let you know how you can save money on unforeseen repairs by purchasing an extended warranty. We’ve reviewed the best extended car warranty providers currently available, and will give you a few of our top recommendations below.


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Average Annual Volkswagen Maintenance Cost

The average Volkswagen maintenance cost is $676 per year, according to RepairPal. This price reflects the cost of oil changes, tire rotations and other scheduled maintenance, as well as potential mechanical repairs like water pump replacements and window motor repairs.

However, this is just an average. Depending on your vehicle’s age, model and mileage, you may shell out more or less per year in Volkswagen maintenance costs.

Here are examples of RepairPal’s estimated yearly Volkswagen maintenance cost for a few popular models:

Volkswagen Model Annual Volkswagen Maintenance Cost
Volkswagen Beetle $612
Volkswagen Eos $824
Volkswagen Golf $630
Volkswagen e-Golf $580
Volkswagen Passat $639
Volkswagen Tiguan $730


As mentioned, there are many factors that go into these costs, including factory-recommended maintenance services and potential repair costs.

To give you more insight into how much individual maintenance services may cost you, we’ve compiled a list of factory-recommended maintenance services and their respective RepairPal estimated costs for a Volkswagen Jetta.

Maintenance Service Volkswagen Maintenance Cost
Oil and filter change $112 to $138
Tire rotation $40 to $51
Air filter replacement $56 to $79
Cabin air filter replacement $52 to $88
Brake fluid replacement $75 to $95
Coolant replacement $75 to $94




Pre-Paid Volkswagen Maintenance Plan

If you want to lower your annual Volkswagen maintenance cost, it may be worth looking into a Volkswagen Care is a pre-paid maintenance plan. Volkswagen Care allows drivers to choose from seven plans that can cover factory-recommended maintenance services up to 80,000 miles. 

With all plans, you’ll need to take your car into a VW dealership for service. This ensures your vehicle is only worked on by factory-trained technicians using authentic VW parts, but if you live far from a dealer, it may be more hassle than the maintenance plan is worth. 

Here are further details on each Volkswagen maintenance plan:

Volkswagen Maintenance Plan Vehicle Eligibility What It Covers
Volkswagen Care Basic Available for 2016 to 2019 vehicles,
as well as 2020 and 2021 electric Volkswagens
10,000- and 20,000-mile services
Volkswagen Care Extra Available for 2014 and newer models* 30,000-mile service
Volkswagen Care 40 Available for 2014 and newer models* 40,000-mile service
Volkswagen Care 50 Available for 2014 and newer models* 50,000-mile service
Volkswagen Care 60 Available for 2014 and newer models* 60,000-mile service
Volkswagen Care 70 Available for 2014 and newer models* 70,000-mile service
Volkswagen Care 80 Available for 2014 and newer models* 80,000-mile service

*Excluding the Volkswagen Routan van.

These plans follow the Volkswagen maintenance schedule as outlined in your owner’s manual, so what’s covered may be different from model to model. Read on to learn more about VW’s recommended maintenance.



Volkswagen Recommended Maintenance Schedule

To keep your Volkswagen running in peak condition, the manufacturer provides drivers with a recommended maintenance schedule that can be found in your owner’s manual. 

Here is an example maintenance schedule for the Volkswagen Beetle, according to one Minnesota Volkswagen dealership:

Service Interval Recommended Maintenance Services
Every 10,000 miles Oil change and tire rotation
Every 20,000 miles Brake pad replacements
Every 30,000 miles Brake fluid flush and transmission fluid replacement
Every 60,000 miles Tire, drive belt, timing belt and spark plug replacements




Vehicle Repairs and the Volkswagen Maintenance Cost

Mechanical repairs also factor into your Volkwagen maintenance cost. RepairPal’s Volkswagen reliability ratings show that the brand has a higher-than-average likelihood of needing an unexpected, costly mechanical or electrical repair. Reviewing commonly reported Volkswagen repairs can help you prepare and budget accordingly.

Here are a few common Volkswagen repairs and their estimated costs, according to RepairPal:

Volkswagen Model Common Repair Volkswagen Maintenance Cost
Volkswagen Rabbit Fuel pump relay replacement $88 to $96
Volkswagen Vanagon Powertrain control module (PCM) replacement $1,183 to $1,205
Volkswagen Eos Thermostat housing replacement $331 to $444
Volkswagen R32 Windshield wiper motor replacement $453 to $722


The repairs your Volkswagen needs may also depend on how aggressively you drive and where you live. For example, if you floor it every time you get a green light, you’ll put more stress on your vehicle’s transmission. And drivers that live in high-heat climates have a higher chance of needing a battery replacement.



How Can an Extended Warranty Lower the Volkswagen Maintenance Cost?

Unexpected repairs can be a financial burden for some drivers, as they increase the already above-average Volkswagen maintenance cost. If you’re looking to save money and get added peace of mind on the road, an extended warranty may be one way to do so.

An extended warranty covers repair and replacement costs for faulty parts and workmanship defects. Covered breakdowns must be the result of normal use rather than accidents, misuse or improper maintenance. When a mechanical failure happens, drivers are usually only responsible for an agreed-upon deductible instead of having to pay the full repair cost out of pocket.

Extended warranties are offered through manufacturers and third-party providers. Learn about each option below.


Volkswagen Extended Warranty from the Manufacturer

The Volkswagen extended warranty includes three coverage options, which can extend up to 10 years or 150,000 miles:

  • Powertrain: Covers your engine, transmission, transfer case, drive axles, and certain hybrid and electric components
  • Gold: Covers all components listed in the Powertrain plan, as well as your front and rear suspension, climate control, fuel system, electrical system, and additional hybrid and electrical components
  • Platinum Exclusionary: Acts a bumper-to-bumper extended warranty, but excludes components like your spark plugs, wiper blades, trim pieces, upholstery and body panels

As with the maintenance plans, Volkswagen extended warranty owners will need to have covered repairs performed at a Volkswagen dealership. 


Third-Party Volkswagen Extended Warranty

Third-party providers are also a good option to explore if you want more flexibility and additional coverage options for reducing your average Volkswagen maintenance cost.

Reputable extended car warranty companies offer often cheaper coverage plans with contracts that can extend up to 250,000 miles. They also provide a larger network of repair shops to choose from and flexible purchase dates so that you don’t have to make up your mind about extended coverage on the day you purchase your Volkswagen car.



Best Options for Extended Volkswagen Protection

Our review team has combed through the key players in the extended warranty industry. Assessing industry standing, coverage quality, affordability and customer service, we’ve narrowed down two of our top recommended providers for lowering Volkswagen maintenance costs: Endurance and CARCHEX.


Endurance: Best Provider

Endurance is our overall top-rated provider. In each of our review categories – industry rating, coverage options, warranty cost, transparency and customer experience – Endurance scored at least a 4.5 out of 5.0. The provider offers six coverage tiers, which can extend up to 15 years or 200,000 miles. Its plans also come with additional benefits like emergency roadside assistance and rental car reimbursement.

For more information, read our comprehensive Endurance warranty review. You can also receive a free, personalized quote from the provider by clicking below.


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CARCHEX: Best for High-Mileage Cars

Finding an extended car warranty for an older, high-mileage car can prove difficult. For drivers in this situation, we recommend reaching out to CARCHEX for a quote. The provider offers five coverage tiers, which can extend up to 10 years or 250,000 miles. It also provides sample contracts online for prospective customers.

If you want to learn more, read our full CARCHEX review. Reach out to the provider for a free quote below.


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