Top 4 Car Shipping Companies (2021)

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The Detroit Bureau collects data from every major auto transportation company to reveal the top companies available. We’ve taken into account overall coverage, pricing, benefits, transparency, customer satisfaction and ratings from industry experts. Trust ‘the Voice of the Automotive World’ to help you find an automotive transportation company to fit your budget and needs.

Top 4 Car Shipping Companies (2021)

  • Compare 15,000+ Carriers
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Military, Return Customer, & Cash Discounts Available
  • Strong Customer Reputation
  • A+ Better Business Bureau Rated
  • Door-to-Door Delivery
Top 4 Car Shipping Companies (2021)

  • Price Guarantee
  • Insured Transport
  • Easy Online Cost Calculator
  • A+ Better Business Bureau Rated
  • $0 Down To Schedule
  • Free Rental & Car Wash
Top 4 Car Shipping Companies (2021)

  • Easy to Use Booking Process & Shipper Matching
  • Price Lock Promise
  • A+ Better Business Bureau Rated
  • Door-To-Door Delivery Available
  • $20 Car Wash Reimbursement
Top 4 Car Shipping Companies (2021)

  • $35 Off | Military, First Responders, Medical Personnel
  • $25 Off | Students, Senior Citizens, Early Bird Sign Up
  • $50 Off | Returning Customers, Multiple Vehicles
  • 10k+ Shipping Company Partners

What To Look for In an Auto Transport Company

There are thousands of independent shippers and auto transport companies operating across the United States today. If you’re trying to find low-cost shipping, you should consider comparing several companies to find the cheapest rate for your situation.

If you’re able to be flexible on transportation dates, you will have more choices, but most people need their cars shipped at a certain time and can’t afford to wait. Whether you need your vehicle shipped quickly or want to hold out for a lower offer, the best way to find a car shipper is through an auto shipping broker. When choosing among these brokers, there are three main things to consider:

  • Insurance: Are shipping partners insured? Many shippers carry cargo insurance that will cover your vehicle should it be damaged during transport. Some broker sites provide insurance for free, and others offer it at an additional fee. For peace of mind, be sure to choose a car carrier that has insurance.
  • Reputation: Look at customer reviews and read the experiences of those who have used a shipper before. Some vehicle transport brokers carefully vet all of their partner shippers or provide a space for public customer feedback.
  • Price: Once you’re sure a shipper is reliable, you want to know you’re getting the best price. It is generally worth paying a little more for a reliable shipping service.

How Auto Transportation Works

Automobiles are shipped across the United States every day by networks of independent truckers and car shipping companies. In order to optimize time and expenses, an auto transport company will carry several vehicles on one truck, dropping off and picking up new vehicles along the route.

Shipping an individual car at the lowest cost can require a lot of planning and coordination. This is why most individual car shipping jobs are booked through an auto shipping broker. A broker works with dozens of carriers allowing customers to browse and compare offers based on their desired shipping dates, vehicle type, and any other specifications. An auto broker can also advertise shipping requests and contractors will bid on the job, which can decrease the final cost for the consumer.

Due to this bidding process the cost to ship a car may vary from day to day. Auto transportation can vary by the following:

  • Season: This is the busiest car shipping season, so prices are most expensive during the summer.
  • Distance: The further you need to ship your car, the more expensive it will be.
  • Type of vehicle: Your car’s length, height, clearance, and weight can all impact the shipping cost.
  • Transport type: Open transport is cheaper than enclosed auto transportation.
  • Pickup location: Door-to-door delivery is more expensive than terminal-to-terminal delivery, while shipping to and from rural areas is also more expensive than shipping to and from urban areas.
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