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There are thousands of registered car shipping companies in the U.S., but not all of them offer great service and prices. The best car shipping companies stand out among the competition based on their excellent customer service reputation, affordability and wide range of shipping services. 

We’ve compared car transport companies throughout the industry to find car shippers that drivers can count on year-round. In this article, we’ll discuss our top five choices in detail, including shipping services, pricing and reputation. Click below to compare free car shipping quotes from our top picks. 

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Top 5 Car Shipping Companies

Which is the best car shipping company overall? After comparing many companies, we named Montway Auto Transport the Best Provider based on its solid reputation and affordable pricing. AmeriFreight, Sherpa Auto Transport, uShip and Bargain Auto Transport all made it to our top five list as well. Each provider was graded on a 10-point scale.

Car Shipping Companies
Our Award Shipping Cost Rating Better Business Bureau (BBB)
Customer Review Score
#1 Montway Auto Transport 9.0 Best Provider 9.0 4.4 out of 5
#2 AmeriFreight 9.0 Best for Discounts 8.5 4.85 out of 5
#3 Sherpa Auto Transport 8.4 Locked-In Pricing 8.0 4.88 out of 5
#4 uShip 8.4 Best Shipping Marketplace 8.0 3.37 out of 5
#5 Bargain Auto Transport 8.4 Most Affordable 10.0 Not rated



#1 Montway Auto Transport: Best Provider

Montway Auto Transport is a trusted auto broker that works with 15,000 vetted carriers nationwide.

Year Established 2006
Headquarters Schaumburg, Illinois
Availability 50 states
Insurance $100,000 cargo insurance coverage
BBB rating A+ with accreditation


Montway Auto Transport Services

Montway Auto Transport offers:

  • Open transport, enclosed transport, door-to-door shipping, expedited shipping and international shipping services
  • Transports to and from Hawaii and Alaska
  • Instant quotes online for standard vehicle shipping
  • Free $100,000 cargo insurance for over-land shipments provided by Inland Marine Cargo with the option to upgrade to $250,000
  • Shipment of non-standard vehicles like ATVs and motorcycles 

Montway Auto Transport doesn’t provide international shipping services, but it can ship your vehicle to or from a domestic port. The company also allows you to transport one piece of luggage up to 100 pounds inside your vehicle’s trunk at no additional cost.

Montway Auto Transport Pricing

Most customers find affordable rates with Montway Auto Transport. Of course, prices can vary widely from shipment to shipment. According to Montway, average prices are:

  • About $1.96 per mile for shipments under 500 miles 
  • About 93 cents per mile for between 500- and 1,000-mile shipments
  • About 58 cents per mile for shipments over 1,500 miles

Here are a few sample quotes we received from the auto broker:

Route Shipping Distance Vehicle Size Transport Type Cost*
New York, NY to Washington, DC 277 miles Car Open $529
San Diego, CA to Portland, OR 1,082 miles Car Enclosed $1,249
Boston, MA to Boulder, CO 1,985 miles SUV Open $1,509
New York, NY to San Francisco, CA 2,939 miles Midsize sedan Open $1,569


*Reflects flat rates.

If you cancel your shipment after the carrier has been dispatched, you’ll have to pay a $199 cancellation fee. However, cancellation before dispatching will not accrue any additional costs.

Montway Auto Transport Reputation

Montway Auto Transport has an A+ rating with accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The broker also has a 4.4-star BBB customer review score with over 1,300 reviews and a 4.5-star rating with just under 3,500 reviews on Google.

Montway Auto Transport Pros Montway Auto Transport Cons
Low prices $199 cancellation fee
Shipped over 140,000 vehicles in 2020 No GPS tracking
$100,000 cargo insurance included
Wide range of shipping services


Read more about our top pick in our Montway Auto Transport review. You can also click below to get a free quote from the company.



#2 AmeriFreight: Best for Discounts

AmeriFreight is a reputable broker that offers a range of useful discounts.

Year Established 2004
Headquarters Peachtree City, Georgia
Availability 50 states
Insurance Works with insured carriers and offers guaranteed asset protection (GAP) for an additional cost
BBB rating A+ with accreditation


AmeriFreight Services

AmeriFreight offers standard transport services, including: 

  • Door-to-door shipping
  • Expedited shipping
  • Open or enclosed transport
  • Terminal-to-terminal shipping

AmeriFreight works with over 10,000 vetted carriers to provide a reliable shipping process. The company ensures that each carrier carries standard insurance coverage, but AmeriFreight also offers add-on GAP protection to cover shipping damage.

AmeriFreight Pricing

AmeriFreight is another provider with affordable rates, but its enclosed transport rates may be higher than some competitors. However, the company offers the following discounts: 

  • Military: $35
  • First Responders: $35
  • Medical Personnel: $35
  • Student: $25
  • Senior Citizens: $25
  • Early Bird: $25 and stackable
  • Return Customer: $50
  • Multiple Vehicles: $50 per additional vehicle

When we reached out to AmeriFreight for car shipping quotes, we received the following estimates:

Route Shipping Distance Vehicle Size Transport Type Cost*
New York, NY to Washington, DC 277 miles Car Open $561
San Diego, CA to Portland, OR 1,082 miles Car Open $699
Austin, TX to San Francisco, CA 1,500 miles Car Open $791
Austin, TX to San Francisco, CA 1,500 miles Car Enclosed $1,423

*Reflects AmeriFreight’s economy rates.

AmeriFreight offers “economy” rates that are not 100% guaranteed. If a carrier doesn’t accept this proposed rate, your car shipping costs will likely increase. However, this is common with most car shipping companies.

AmeriFreight Reputation

AmeriFreight has an A+ rating with accreditation from the BBB. The company also has a 4.85-star BBB customer review score based on over 1,100 reviews and a 4.8-star Google rating backed by over 2,700 reviews.

AmeriFreight Pros AmeriFreight Cons
Service available nationwide No GPS tracking
Guaranteed carrier vetting Higher rates than some competitors
Wide range of discounts
High customer service ratings


Learn more in our AmeriFreight review. Click below to get a free, personalized quote from the company.



#3 Sherpa Auto Transport: Locked-In Pricing

Sherpa Auto Transport is a newer company with high customer satisfaction ratings. 

Year Established 2017
Headquarters Charlotte, North Carolina
Availability 48 states
Insurance $100,000 cargo insurance included
BBB rating A+ with accreditation


Sherpa Auto Transport Services

Sherpa Auto Transport is another car shipping broker with access to many carriers. The company offers door-to-door service in the 48 contiguous states (not Alaska or Hawaii). Sherpa also offers:

  • Expedited shipping
  • Open or enclosed transport
  • $100,000 cargo insurance plus $1,000,000 liability insurance per carrier
  • Shipment updates through live chat and company help center

Sherpa Auto Transport Pricing

Sherpa Auto Transport’s main benefit is its Price Lock Promise. If your car shipping cost increases after receiving a quote from an agent, Sherpa will pay up to $300 to make up the difference. The broker offers affordable services overall.

For an operable car traveling from New York, NY to Washington, DC (227 miles), Sherpa Auto Transport quoted us $750. This price reflected door-to-door, open transport shipping.

Sherpa Auto Transport Reputation

Sherpa Auto Transport has an A+ rating with accreditation from the BBB and a 4.88-star customer review score based on just under 200 reviews. With over 300 customers weighing in, the broker also earned a 4.8-star rating on Google. 

Sherpa Auto Transport Pros Sherpa Auto Transport Cons
Locked-in pricing No instant quote form
Works with insured and vetted carriers No GPS tracking
$20 car wash reimbursement


To get a free quote from Sherpa Auto Transport, click below. You can also read more about the company in our comprehensive Sherpa Auto Transport review.



#4 uShip: Best Shipping Marketplace

uShip is a multi-carrier marketplace that offers many services.

Year Established 2003
Headquarters Austin, Texas
Availability 50 states plus international shipping
Insurance No guarantee
BBB rating A+ with accreditation


uShip Services

uShip is a different type of provider from the rest of our top five picks. It’s a marketplace for thousands of carriers, not a broker. Think of it as the eBay of car shipping. With uShip, customers can: 

  • Ship cars domestically and internationally
  • Get instant online quotes for standard shipments
  • Choose open or closed transport 
  • Get expedited shipping
  • Ship almost any type of vehicle, including farm equipment, RVs and watercrafts

uShip Pricing

Customers can find a wide range of prices on uShip since carriers set their own rates and bid on customer listings. Listing a shipment will attract carriers to bid and win your business, leading to lower rates overall. Using uShip’s instant quote tool often offers more expensive rates, but it is convenient.

We received the following instant quotes from uShip:

Route Shipping Distance Vehicle Size Transport Type Cost
New York, NY to Washington, DC 277 miles Car Open $617
San Diego, CA to Portland, OR 1,082 miles Car Open $1,020
Austin, TX to San Francisco, CA 1,500 miles Car Open $1,529
Boston, MA to Prineville, OR 2,980 miles Midsize sedan Open $1,859


uShip Reputation

Since uShip isn’t a broker, it doesn’t have to vet each carrier that uses its platform. The responsibility is on the customer to research carriers they find, including their levels of insurance. Despite this extra step, most customers have positive experiences with uShip.

The company holds an A+ rating with accreditation from the BBB and 3.61-star customer review score with just under 100 reviews. Backed by almost 11,000 reviews, uShip also has 4.6-star on Trustpilot.

uShip Pros uShip Cons
Low prices when you post a job for bidding Very variable pricing
Instant quotes for standard shipments No instant quotes for enclosed transport
GPS tracking Shippers aren’t vetted


Learn more about uShip in our full uShip review. You can get a free quote from the company below.



#5 Bargain Auto Transport: Most Affordable

Bargain Auto Transport is the best broker for low-cost shipping services.

Year Established 2019
Headquarters Charlotte, North Carolina
Availability 48 states
Insurance $100,000 cargo insurance included
BBB rating A with accreditation


Bargain Auto Transport Services

Bargain Auto Transport offers:

  • Standard and expedited door-to-door shipping
  • Open or enclosed transport
  • $100,000 cargo insurance included per shipment
  • $1,000,000 liability insurance per carrier

Bargain Auto Transport Pricing

Bargain Auto Transport is one company that lives up to its name. Based on quotes we received from auto transporters throughout the industry, Bargain consistently offered some of the lowest rates. Customers can work with experienced agents to find a shipping price within their budget.

When we reached out to Bargain Auto Transport, we received a quote for a 227-mile trip from New York, NY to Washington, DC. For a car shipped via open transport, the company quoted us $625.

Bargain Auto Transport Reputation

Bargain Auto Transport holds an accredited A rating from the BBB. Since the company is relatively young, Bargain doesn’t have any customer reviews on the BBB at this time. A few reviews on Google give the company 4.8 stars overall.

Bargain Auto Transport Pros Bargain Auto Transport Cons
Low prices No GPS tracking
Experienced shipping agents No online instant quote
Wide variety of shipping services


Learn more in our Bargain Auto Transport review. You can also begin your research process by getting a free, personalized quote from the provider below.



Cost of Auto Shipping

Car shipping costs are highly variable and depend on a few different factors, including:

  • Distance: Longer shipping distances cost more overall but have a lower rate per mile. 
  • Rural vs. metropolitan area: If your pickup or delivery location is in a rural area, you’ll pay more. 
  • Service type: Open car transport is cheaper than enclosed transport, and terminal-to-terminal shipping is cheaper than door-to-door.
  • Time of year: Many people move and ship their cars during the summer months and January, so prices are higher during these times. 
  • Carrier competition: Car shipping companies like brokers and marketplaces allow multiple carriers to compete for your business, which often drives shipping costs down.
  • Price of fuel: Shipment costs can fluctuate depending on the current price of gas.
  • Vehicle operability: If your car isn’t operable, you’ll pay more for the carrier to push or winch it onto the vehicle transport truck.
  • Vehicle size: It costs more to ship trucks and SUVs, as they take up more room on or in the carrier.



What to Look for in Car Shipping Companies

When moving your vehicle to any new location, it’s important to find the right auto shipper. You may have dozens, hundreds or thousands of options depending on your pickup and drop-off locations. The best way to find affordable, reputable auto transport services is to work with a highly rated auto broker. Brokers work with thousands of vetted carriers, which can save you time and money. 

You should look for the following in a reputable broker:

  • Some level of cargo insurance, preferably with a $100,000 limit, or the option to purchase add-on coverage
  • Strict vetting process for carriers
  • Positive customer reviews on sites like the BBB, Trustpilot and Google
  • Reasonably priced services

Get free quotes from top-rated car shipping companies below. 



FAQ: Best Car Shipping Companies

What is the best company to ship a car?

We recommend Montway Auto Transport based on its high customer service ratings, wide range of shipping services and affordable pricing. However, it’s always a good idea to get multiple quotes when looking for an auto transport company. We also recommend AmeriFreight, Sherpa Auto Transport, uShip and Bargain Auto Transport.

How much does it cost to get your car shipped?

It can cost anywhere from $400 to $2,000 or more to ship your car. What you pay depends on a variety of factors. A cross-country shipment between major cities can cost between 50 cents and 70 cents per mile. If you need an enclosed trailer or live in a rural location, you’ll pay more for transport services.

Does AAA offer car shipping?

AAA, the roadside assistance company, does not offer car shipping. However, there is an unrelated auto carrier called AAA Transporters that does provide auto shipping services.

What is the cheapest way to ship my car?

The cheapest way to ship your car is to book a shipment on an open transport truck. This is the most common way for cars to be shipped. To save more money, avoid peak shipping times during the summer and January, compare quotes and plan your car shipment in advance.

What are the different types of auto shipping?

Cars can be shipped by air, train or truck, but shipping by truck is the most common. Truck shipping services include open or enclosed transport, door-to-door shipping, terminal-to-terminal shipping and expedited shipping.

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