Daymak Spiritus black

Want an EV with sub 2-second 0-to-60 time? Check out the three-wheeled Daymak Spiritus.

One most appealing parts of electric vehicles is — when configured correctly — the instant torque that pushes you back into your seat when you smash the accelerator.

Tesla, Lucid, Ford and GMC (yes, the Hummer is going to have that kind of performance) all have or will have vehicles that can make a driver giggle with delight with this type of performance.

However, there is also another class of EV that doesn’t get the spotlight as often as its bigger, faster four-wheeled siblings: the three-wheel electric car.

There is a slew of nascent EV makers around the U.S. and the world, and a bunch of them, such as Aptera Motors, ElectraMeccanica, Sondors and more, all offer many of the features their quad-wheel relatives do, although when it comes to the performance, not so much — until now.

Crowd funding for speed

Toronto-based Daymak, which produces a variety of e-bikes, scooters and other devices, is looking to rally some financial support for its Spiritus three-wheeled car that reportedly rockets from 0 to 60 mph in just 1.8 seconds.

Spiritus Trio

Traveling at nearly warp speed, no matter how many wheels, costs big money: $149K in the case of the Spiritus.

Again: 1.8 seconds. Three wheels. Makes one wonder if a rainbow-colored plasma stream comes out the back like the U.S.S. Enterprise when you take off.

“This is very exciting,” said Aldo Baiocchi, president and founder of Daymak Inc. “Daymak has come a long way from when I started in my garage in 2001. The Spiritus is a dream come true.”

The company is taking $100 deposits for pre-orders, with hopes of getting to 50,000.

“Every $100 deposit or more will guarantee you a lower price for your car and will include a bonus $100 coupon towards any e-bike or small electric vehicle that we sell now through any of our dealers. This is only available through the crowdfunding campaign. We are building strong partnerships and have thrilling news coming out. Anything is possible with the help of the crowd and our partners.”

Spiritus fastus

The company plans to end the pre-order period July 23. The $100 reservation locks in the price of the vehicle, which is slated to begin production in 2023.

Daymak Spiritus red

Daymak Spiritus comes in a lower-priced — less speedy — version starting at $19,995.

The Spiritus is a complete two-seat coupe and comes packed with a host of features, the company says. There are solar panels for trickle charging, a regeneration system, and a patent-pending wireless charger.

Daymak offers several different trim levels of the Spiritus, starting with the Deluxe version at $19,995 with a range of about 185 miles. However, buyers wanting that warp speed-like 0-to-60 mph time are looking for the Ultimate version. It starts at $149,000 with a range of about 300 miles

And, yes, 0 to 60 in 1.8 seconds, making it the fastest three-wheel car on the planet, the company claims.

Competition lags in some areas

Daymak’s got some competition in the three-wheel segment, starting with the back-again San Diego-based Aptera. The company recently introduced its new advanced solar electric vehicle and its Never Charge technology.

Never Charge, which is 180 cells built into every Aptera, is designed to capture enough sunlight to travel more than 11,000 miles annually in most parts of the U.S. Aside from the solar cells dotting the top side of the vehicle, the Aptera vehicle is made of lightweight composites that are many times stronger than steel, allowing its unique body shape to slip through the air with an unheard-of drag coefficient (Cd) of .13.

Production on the Spiritus is slated to begin in 2023, according to Daymak officials.

The cells, according to Aptera, will give the vehicle ability to travel 45 miles without even plugging it in. Conceivably, one could never have to plug the Aptera in based on the driving patterns of most Americans, who drive less than 20 miles daily.

Powered by two liquid-cooled electric motors, the Apter races from 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds, topping out at 110 mph. All-wheel drive and vectorized torque control provide the driver with plenty of stability and excelling handling, the company claims. Deposit are $100 with prices starting at $25,900 and $46,900, depending on which spec you choose. Some of the models have already sold out.

ElectraMeccanica and its Solo are also looking to get in the game. Also in the developmental stage, the Solo is set to head into production soon. It’s offered some drives in prototypes in Los Angeles and other areas. Additionally, the company recently selected Mesa, Arizona as the site for its production facility and technical center.

The Solo reportedly has a range of 100 miles, tops out at 80 mph and travels 0 to 60 mph in 10 seconds. The sticker price is $18,500 and the company is taking C$250 deposits now. The company has been producing vehicle prototypes with a push toward final production.

Sondors, created by Storm Sondors, the mercurial mastermind and namesake of the electric bike, is pushing a three-wheeled car that was initially supposed to be priced at $10,000. It’s jumped a couple of times to $17,000. Designed to carry two passengers, it’s still in the prototype and development — and perhaps most notably — the fundraising stage. It currently seems more focused on the well-received prototype of its all-electric Metacycle.

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