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Autopom! and CARCHEX are two popular extended car warranty companies. But when deciding between autopom! vs. CARCHEX, which company best accommodates your needs? In this article, we’ll compare autopom!’s and CARCHEX’s coverage options, cost, industry reputation and customer service head to head.

Both of these providers scored highly in our 2021 review of the best extended car warranty companies. Start comparing quotes from autopom! and CARCHEX for your vehicle below.

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Overview of autopom! and CARCHEX

Both CARCHEX and autopom! have long-standing, positive reputations in the extended car warranty industry. We’ve detailed company highlights below.

Best for High-Mileage Cars
Headquarters Lake Forest, California Hunt Valley, Maryland
Years in Business Founded in 2010 Founded in 1999
Warranty Availability 50 states 50 states
Levels of Coverage 4 5
Longest Coverage Term Available 7 years 10 years
Maximum Mileage Limit 150,000 miles 250,000 miles
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autopom! Highlights

Autopom! was founded in 2010 in Lake Forest, California. Autopom! received high scores in our industry-wide review, especially in our industry reputation and customer satisfaction categories. The provider boasts many positive reviews on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Trustpilot. While autopom! offers four types of coverage – exclusionary, high-level, mid-level and powertrain plus – you can choose between several contracts under each coverage level.

CARCHEX Highlights

Backed by industry leaders like Kelly Blue Book, and CARFAX, CARCHEX was named the Best for High-Mileage Cars in our 2021 best extended car warranty review. The provider offers extensive term limits and several coverage options. CARCHEX is also one of the longest-standing extended car warranty providers in the industry.


autopom! vs. CARCHEX: Coverage

Autopom! offers four coverage levels for vehicle protection plans, whereas CARCHEX offers five. However, autopom! provides multiple contracts options within each coverage level, each administered by a different company. If you own an older vehicle, it may be better to opt for a CARCHEX contract. CARCHEX offers term limits up to 250,000 miles while autopom! only provides terms up to 150,000 miles.

Read more details about each providers’ coverage plans below.

Extended Warranties
Extended Warranties
Covers the highest number of mechanical and electrical components of your vehicle and lists parts not covered on your contract
An exclusionary contract that covers the most mechanical and electrical components of your car
Covers the engine, transmission, transfer case, drive axle, steering, electrical, air conditioning, braking, cooling, fuel system and seals and gaskets
Covers the engine, transmission, drive axle, fuel delivery, electric, air conditioning, braking, steering, suspension, enhanced electrical and heating and cooling
Covers the engine, turbo/supercharger, transmission, transfer case, drive axle, and differential assembly, steering, suspension, fuel delivery, cooling system and braking systems
Covers the engine, transmission, drive axle, fuel delivery, electric, air conditioning, braking and steering
Powertrain Plus
Covers the engine, turbo/supercharger, transmission, transfer case, drive axle and differential assembly
Covers the engine, transmission, drive axle, fuel delivery, electric and air conditioning
Specialty coverage plan for pre-owned vehicles only that covers engine, transmission and drive axle components.


When it comes down to autopom! vs CARCHEX warranties, CARCHEX provides longer contract terms and more comprehensive coverage

autopom! vs. CARCHEX: Benefits

From the information that was shared on the autopom! website, some autopom! benefits that come with all levels of coverage include:

  • 24-hour roadside assistance 
  • Rental car reimbursement
  • 30-day, money-back guarantee

Some plans also include tire protection.

CARCHEX benefits vary by the plan administrator and typically include:

  • Substitute transportation: Get reimbursed up to $40 per day for every eight hours your car is in the shop for a covered repair.
  • Trip interruption: If you break down over 100 miles from home, you get reimbursed up to $100 per day for a maximum of three days.
  • 24-hour roadside assistance: This protection Includes towing and wrecker service, emergency fuel delivery, battery jump starts and lockout services if your car becomes inoperable on the side of the road.



autopom! vs. CARCHEX: Cost

Our auto research team reached out to autopom! and CARCHEX for quotes for a 2018 Toyota RAV4 with 30,000 miles on the odometer. The CARCHEX plan included a $100 deductible and the autopom! Plan included a $0 deductible. We’ve detailed the bumper-to-bumper warranty terms each company offered below. 

Plan Term Length Price Down Payment
CARCHEX Titanium 7 years/125,000 miles $190 for 18 months $342
autopom! Exclusionary Plan 7 years/70,000 miles $2,125.50 upfront None


Based on the quotes we received, Autopom! provided a slightly longer mileage limit, but no monthly payment plan was available with these terms. For these reasons, we think a CARCHEX warranty is the most cost-effective.

Our research team also got quotes from autopom! and CARCHEX for each company’s powertrain plan with a $100 deductible for a 2012 Chevrolet Equinox with 90,000 miles. The terms are listed below: 

Plan Term Length Price Down Payment
CARCHEX Silver 5 years/75,000 miles $225 for 18 months First payment
autopom! Powertrain Plus 4 years/48,000 miles $98.25 for 24 months $262


When shopping for coverage, keep in mind that the average price of an extended car warranty ranges from $1,700 to $3,500 for three to seven years of bumper-to-bumper warranty coverage. For powertrain warranty coverage, people can expect to pay from $1,900 to $4,000. 

The price of an extended warranty varies depending on many factors, including:

  • The year, make and model of your vehicle
  • The coverage level and term length
  • Location
  • The provider



autopom! Vs CARCHEX: Reputation

See a comparison of autopom! vs CARCHEX extended warranty reviews from customers based on BBB ratings and customer scores from TrustPilot.

autopom! CARCHEX
BBB Rating A+ A+
BBB Customer Rating 4.32 out of 5 2.30 out of 5
BBB Accredited?
TrustPilot Average Rating 4.7 out of 5.0 3.4 out of 5.0


Overall, both CARCHEX and autopom! have above-average ratings from industry experts. To give you a better idea of autopom!’s and CARCHEX’s customer experience, we detailed a few positive and negative reviews below.

autopom! Customer Reviews

Positive autopom! customer reviews highlight a satisfactory shopping experience, transparent communication and hassle-free customer service interactions.

“I was very happy and impressed with the information I received, [and] the manner in which I received it. They were very accommodating. I’m just starting this program but will maintain a review as time goes by and when I have the occasion to use this service.”

-Susan E via BBB

Negative customer reviews of autopom! warranty services shed light on trouble getting coverage.

“… I have a 2013 Ford F150 with 92,000 miles and needed a valve job… my mechanic submitted an estimate of $4,800, autopom! said they would only pay $2,800. [T]hat means I have to [pay] the other $2,000 even though I have a $100 deductible per the contract. [T]his whole thing has been going on for a month and I’ve been renting cars to get work [which] have cost me $2,000.”

-Anthony T via BBB

CARCHEX Customer Reviews

Positive CARCHEX customer reviews praise helpful customer service representatives and satisfactory coverage for luxury vehicles.

“I just purchased [my second] auto warranty from [CARCHEX] about six days ago after I bought the [first] auto warranty about three months ago. So far, my experience is positive. They are willing to work with me to offer auto warranty prices on both of my cars. I am happy with the offering. I have recommended them to my family.”

-CZee via BBB

Negative reviews highlight CARCHEX customer service not answering or returning phone calls and pushy sales tactics.

“Salesperson strong-armed and used tactics on covering a car I hadn’t purchased yet. [They] said I wouldn’t get the discounts he offered for a car that I had not purchased yet. [I] have since attempted to cancel and get a return. [I was] put on perma-hold. [I] have emailed the sales person with no response.”

-Norm W. via BBB



Our Verdict on autopom! vs. CARCHEX

CARCHEX is our top pick based on its many coverage options, low-cost pricing and variety of benefits. We also like its strong reputation with industry leaders and commitment to excellent customer service. However, autopom! is also a high-quality provider with an impressive standing with customers, and it’s best to factor in your individual coverage needs when deciding on a provider.

autopom! CARCHEX
Overall Star Rating 8.5 out of 10.0 9.4 out of 10.0
Industry Reputation 9.5 10.0
Coverage 8.0 9.5
Cost 8.0 9.0
Customer Experience 8.5 9.0


Get free quotes from both providers to see how much you would pay for coverage.


Other Top-Rated Providers to Consider

If you find that neither CARCHEX nor autopom! fit your needs, we recommend looking into two of our other top-recommended providers: Endurance and CarShield.

Endurance: Best Provider

Endurance ranks No. 1 on our best extended car warranty list with six coverage levels for customers to choose from and comprehensive benefits. The provider works with customers directly, cutting out any middlemen and making for an easy claims process.

Learn more about this provider in our Endurance warranty review, and get a free quote below.

Best Provider

Editor’s Rating:


Industry leader that offers no-interest payments of 12-24 mo.

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(877) 374-1840


CarShield: Most Affordable

CarShield warranties provide the best coverage for budget-conscious drivers. The company administers plans underwritten by American Auto Shield, another top-rated extended car warranty provider that exclusively does business with CarShield. Choose between six coverage levels and term limits up to 200,000 miles.

Learn more about this provider in our CarShield review, and get a free quote below.


Most Affordable

Editor’s Rating:


Affordable plans with great perks, such as roadside assistance

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(800) 563-2761




The Detroit Bureau collects data from every major car warranty provider to formulate rankings of the best warranty companies. Our in-depth rating system takes into account coverage, pricing, transparency, customer satisfaction and ratings from industry experts. Each provider is given a weighted score in five categories, as well as an overall score out of 10.0.

We recommend auto warranty companies based on these rankings, but we also encourage you to perform your own research and compare quotes to find the best coverage.

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