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If you’re shopping around for a vehicle, you may have come across the VehicleOne warranty. But it can be hard to know exactly what a warranty covers just by looking at a dealership brochure. So, is VehicleOne a reputable provider?

n this article, we’ll examine the company and see what kind of reputation it has for coverage and customer service. We’ll also see how it stacks up against some of the best extended car warranty companies on the market. To see how much a warranty would cost from one of our top recommended providers, click below for a free quote.


Best Extended Car Warranty Companies
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Is a VehicleOne Extended Warranty Worth It?

VehicleOne is part of the United Warranty Corporation, which Ally Financial purchased in 2000. Today, drivers can still get VehicleOne extended warranties from some dealerships. Ally’s vehicle service contract department handles customer care and claims. 

United Warranty Corporation has been in business since 1982, and when it joined Ally, it became part of a financial services company with a 100-year history. With Ally’s impressive stability, you don’t have to worry about your VehicleOne warranty disappearing anytime soon.

That said, Ally doesn’t have the best customer service reputation. It has a C rating without accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and a 1.05 out of 5-star BBB customer rating.

Overall Rating 7.0
Industry Reputation 8.0
Coverage 7.0
Warranty Cost See dealership
Transparency 8.0
Customer Experience 5.0


Is a VehicleOne warranty worth it? Because VehicleOne doesn’t have a great customer service record and you can only get plans from dealerships, we recommend going with another provider. 



VehicleOne Extended Car Warranty Coverage

There are four VehicleOne warranty options to choose from: Basic, Major, Select and Premium. Here’s an overview of what each plan covers:

  • Premium: This is a bumper-to-bumper extended warranty that covers almost any mechanical failure, except for a short list of exclusions.
  • Select: This plan covers over 230 parts, including the suspension, air conditioning and electrical system.
  • Major: This plan covers over 160 parts, including the steering, brakes, cooling and fuel system. 
  • Basic: This plan covers over 130 parts of the engine, transmission and drive axle. 

In addition to these standard plans, VehicleOne offers a number of add-ons, including coverage for:

  • High-tech components
  • Luxury electronics (included in Premium coverage)
  • Seals and gaskets (included in Premium coverage)
  • Wear-and-tear items

The wear-and-tear coverage is a unique option that’s not offered by most vehicle service contract providers.


Extra Perks

All VehicleOne warranty plans come with rental car coverage, trip interruption coverage and roadside assistance. 

Rental coverage pays up to $35 per day when your car is in the shop for a covered repair. Trip interruption coverage pays up to $75 per day for food and lodging if you have a breakdown over 100 miles from home and need to stay overnight while your vehicle is being fixed. Finally, emergency roadside assistance includes towing, lost key/lockout services, battery jump-starts, fuel deliveries and spare tire changes. 


What a VehicleOne Warranty Doesn’t Cover

Like all warranties, the VehicleOne warranty won’t cover everything. For example, it doesn’t cover maintenance services, adjustments or tune-ups. Cosmetic items, paint and glass aren’t covered, either. Here are a few more exclusions:

  • Water leaks
  • Hinges 
  • Fuses and circuit breakers
  • Body mounts
  • Collision damage
  • Environmental damage
  • Damage from lack of maintenance



Cost of a VehicleOne Extended Warranty

VehicleOne doesn’t publish prices of its warranty plans online, which makes sense because it’s only available through dealerships. In our research, we found that the average extended warranty costs $2,700 in total and about $100 to $120 per month. You can use these numbers to judge a VehicleOne warranty if you are given a quote while purchasing a vehicle. 

A few different things will affect the cost of your VehicleOne warranty. High-mileage vehicles are more expensive to cover, as are luxury vehicles and brands that have high average repair costs. Similar to car insurance prices, choosing a higher deductible will also lower the overall price of your vehicle protection plan.



How to Get a Quote and File a Claim

The only way to get a quote for a VehicleOne warranty is to go to a dealership that offers these plans. If you call Ally directly and ask for a warranty quote, the company will direct you to its newer vehicle service products, like Ally Premier Protection or Flex Coverage.

Filing a claim with VehicleOne is straightforward. You can go to any certified repair shop, but VehicleOne encourages you to return to the dealership where you purchased the plan if you can. 

After your vehicle’s issue is diagnosed, the shop will contact VehicleOne to get authorization for the repair. If the repair is covered, you can use your rental car coverage if you need alternative transportation. 

If you change your mind about your VehicleOne warranty purchase, you can cancel the contract and get a full refund within 60 days of signing up, as long as you haven’t used the contract. After that, you can still cancel at any time and get a prorated refund. 



VehicleOne Extended Warranty Reviews

Ally Financial doesn’t have the best customer reputation. Currently, it has over 250 reviews on its BBB profile, about 90 percent of which give the company a 1.0 out of 5.0-star rating. The company also has a 1.4 out of 5.0-star rating from reviewers on Trustpilot. Below are a few examples of both positive and negative reviews. 


Positive Reviews

“Fantastic company… I’ve financed with Ally since 2006. Before 2009, their name was GMAC. It’s the same amazing company and always will be.”

– L.V.P. via BBB

“I find Ally the most consumer-friendly bank with which I do business.”

– Richard T. via BBB


Negative Reviews

“This company does shady business transactions, and the company’s customer service is the worst. If you need a loan, you need to stay away from them. Too much chance of you losing everything you worked hard for.”

– Lucus L. via BBB

“I had a rep become irate with me while I was calmly asking them to repeat information because I couldn’t understand. The company is fine, but customer service really broke what otherwise would have been a fair experience.”

– Emily S. via BBB



Our Verdict on VehicleOne: 7.0 / 10.0

Overall, VehicleOne has some good coverage options and useful add-ons. However, its parent company, Ally Financial, doesn’t have great customer service reviews. 

Additionally, VehicleOne warranty coverage is only available from specific dealerships. If you already have a vehicle, it doesn’t really make sense to go through the trouble of finding out which dealerships offer the plan and then visiting one in person. It’s much easier to shop online and compare quotes from leading providers, which is what we recommend. 



Our Picks for Best Extended Car Warranties

While searching for extended warranties, you might have noticed that there are hundreds of options to choose from. You can find extended warranties from many vehicle manufacturers, independent dealerships and third-party companies. 

You probably don’t have time to search through all of these options. That’s why we’ve reviewed each of the most reputable extended car warranty companies and rated them in a variety of categories. Endurance and CARCHEX stand out from the rest, and we recommend getting quotes from each provider to find the best price. If you want to learn more about how these two companies compare, you can check out our full CARCHEX vs. Endurance review.


Endurance: Best Provider

After reviewing many different warranty companies, we named Endurance the overall best provider in the industry. Endurance performs well in multiple areas, including customer service, transparency and cost. 

The company offers six coverage plans along with the best added benefits on the market. In addition to standard benefits like roadside assistance, each warranty comes with unique extras like tire replacements and vouchers to use on shopping and dining. On the Endurance website, you can download sample contracts for each plan to find out exactly what else is covered. 

Read our Endurance warranty review for more information, or click below for a free, personalized quote from Endurance. 


Best Provider

Editor’s Rating:


Industry leader that offers no-interest payments of 12-24 mo.

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(877) 374-1840


CARCHEX: Best for High-Mileage Cars

CARCHEX is another great provider. This company has been in business for over 20 years and has an A+ rating with accreditation from the BBB. CARCHEX plans can cover vehicles up to 250,000 miles. That means it’s a great choice for an extended warranty for cars over 100k miles. The company offers five levels of coverage with a number of additional benefits. 

Learn more in our full CARCHEX review, or get a free quote from CARCHEX to find out what you would pay for a plan below.


Best for High-Mileage Cars

Editor’s Rating:


Offers comprehensive service and covers vehicles with over 100,000 miles

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