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It isn’t fun when your car breaks down on the side of the road, and it’s even worse when you get the repair bill. Liberty Auto Protection is an extended car warranty company that offers plans that can help cover the cost of a breakdown. 

In this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at Liberty Auto Protection to see what the provider offers in terms of coverage, customer service and reputation. We’ll also introduce you to some of the best extended car warranty companies that you may want to consider in addition to Liberty Auto Protection.

The best way to find a good deal on extended warranty coverage is to get quotes from multiple providers. You can start receiving free, personalized quotes from our top recommended providers below.


Best Extended Car Warranty Companies
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Is a Liberty Auto Protection Extended Warranty Worth It?

Drivers in most states can get plans through Liberty Auto Protection online or through agents. Liberty Automotive Protection is a trade name of Palmer Administration, which is based out of Ocean, New Jersey. According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Palmer Administration was founded in 2011. Palmer is itself a division of NCWC Inc, an extended warranty company founded in 1993.  

All three companies share the same address and phone number. In our experience, a warranty company may sometimes rebrand itself to start fresh with a new reputation and disassociate from negative reviews it received in the past. Despite having multiple business names, Liberty Auto Protection has plenty of negative reviews today. 

The company offers six extended warranty plans through different administrators. However, it doesn’t include sample contracts online or list the administrators it works with. Here’s an overview of our evaluation of Liberty Auto Protection:

Overall Rating 4.8
Industry Reputation 6.0
Coverage 6.0
Warranty Cost 5.0
Transparency 3.5
Customer Experience 3.5


Is a Liberty Auto Protection warranty worth it? Because Liberty Auto Protection has a reputation for poor customer service and lacks online transparency, we recommend choosing a different provider.


Liberty Extended Car Warranty Coverage

Liberty Auto Protection offers six vehicle service contracts. Each comes with roadside assistance and rental car coverage, and most also include trip interruption reimbursement. As we mentioned above, Liberty Auto Protection doesn’t offer sample contracts online. That means it’s important for you to ask for a contract to review before you sign up for coverage. 

Here’s what each of the six plans covers:

  • Elite Exclusionary: This comprehensive coverage plan covers all mechanical breakdowns, except a specific list of exclusions.
  • Royal Select: This plan also covers nearly any mechanical breakdown, except for a few exclusions. Unlike the Elite Exclusionary plan, Royal Select does not cover vehicles’ turbochargers.
  • Premier: This plan covers the engine, transmission, drive axles, transfer case, water pump, seals and gaskets, air conditioning, fuel system, and standard and luxury electrical components. 
  • Classic: This plan covers the engine, transmission, drive axles, water pump, standard electrical components and air conditioning. 
  • Powertrain: This plan covers the engine, transmission and drive axles.
  • Basic: This plan covers the engine only.


What Liberty Auto Protection Doesn’t Cover

The Elite Exclusionary plan is similar to a factory warranty, but that doesn’t mean it covers everything. Here are a few examples of what Liberty Auto Protection will not cover: 

  • Cosmetic items like glass, paint and upholstery
  • Damage from an accident or weather-related incident
  • Damage from misuse or lack of maintenance
  • Regular maintenance services
  • Wear items like brake pads 
  • Normal wear and tear

Also, note that the Elite Exclusionary plan is the only option that covers turbochargers. Most reputable extended car warranty companies cover turbochargers with engine or powertrain plans, but Liberty Auto Protection does not. 



Cost of a Liberty Extended Warranty

Based on warranty quotes we’ve received for plans between three and seven years long, extended warranties cost about $2,700 on average. However, you may find yourself paying more or less for a Liberty Auto Protection plan depending on a few factors, including your vehicle’s model, age and mileage.

As a vehicle ages, the likelihood of needing repairs increases, so you’ll pay more for an extended warranty. Liberty Auto Protection offers extended service plans that can suit newer vehicles as well as older ones, and pricing is average compared to competitors.



How to Get a Quote and File a Claim

You can get a quote for Liberty Auto Protection by calling the company directly or by visiting a participating dealership or agent. Be prepared to provide information about your vehicle, including its make, model, exact mileage and vehicle identification number (VIN). 

You can go to any licensed repair shop to file a claim. Be sure to connect the repair shop with your contract administrator, whether it’s Palmer Administration or another company. Your administrator will have to authorize repairs before any work can be done. 

In some cases, you might wait a day or two while someone from the administrative company inspects the vehicle and parts are delivered. 

Liberty Auto Protection doesn’t indicate whether it has a money-back guarantee, but a 30-day full refund period is standard in the industry.



Liberty Auto Protection Reviews

Liberty Auto Protection does not have its own BBB profile, but Palmer Administrative Services has a B rating from the BBB, along with accreditation. However, customer reviews on the site give Palmer just a 1.49 out of 5-star rating. Here are a few examples of both positive and negative reviews. 


Positive Reviews

“The knowledge of the customer service rep led me to believe that the Premier Plan would be the way to go for me and my car. Sure enough, I was saved a lot of stress a few months later when my fuel injection pump quit in tandem with my water pump.”

– Katty H. via BBB

“Dealing with Palmer for the first time and making a claim, I was a bit hesitant, but they put my worry to rest almost immediately. My standard deductible was $100, and that was all I had to pay.”

– John S. via BBB


Negative Reviews

“I called to ask questions about my warranty and they were incredibly rude to me. I’ve worked in customer service and I have never treated anyone or been treated this way.”

– Karen P. via BBB

“I paid over $3,600 for this warranty and feel like I was robbed. I would never buy from this company again.”

– Alice K. via BBB



Our Verdict on Liberty Auto Protection: 4.8 / 10.0

Liberty Auto Protection offers six extended warranty plans, which is more than many of its competitors – some companies only offer three or four options. However, the company lacks online transparency since it doesn’t provide sample contracts, and it has a significant number of negative reviews. We encourage you to consider your options beyond Liberty Auto Protection.



Our Picks for Best Extended Car Warranties

Fortunately, you have many worthwhile options for extended warranties. Endurance and CarShield are two industry leaders with reputations for positive customer service and transparency. Both providers offer a wide range of coverage plans that come with extra benefits like roadside assistance.


Endurance: Best Provider

In our Endurance warranty review, we found the company performed well across areas like coverage, customer service, price, transparency and reputation. It scored a 9.6 out of 10.0-star rating overall. 

Endurance has multiple plans for drivers who want to protect brand new cars or keep well-loved daily drivers going strong. Plus, the company offers a large selection of extras with its plans. You can get a free, personalized quote from Endurance below. 


Best Provider

Editor’s Rating:


Industry leader that offers no-interest payments of 12-24 mo.

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(877) 374-1840


CarShield: Most Affordable

After comparing quotes from multiple providers, CarShield came out as the most affordable option overall. That means it could be a great choice if you’re looking to stay within a budget. 

CarShield is also the most popular provider we’ve reviewed – it has over 14,000 ratings on Trustpilot. The company offers six plans that can cover vehicles up to 200,000 miles. Find out more in our CarShield review, and get a free quote from CarShield by clicking below. 


Most Affordable

Editor’s Rating:


Affordable plans with great perks, such as roadside assistance

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(800) 563-2761



Frequently Asked Questions

Are auto protection plans worth it?

An extended car warranty can be worth it if you understand exactly what the contract covers and if you’re shopping from a reputable company. Along with added peace of mind, one of the main benefits is that you can predict your monthly budget with more accuracy and plan for the cost of a potential breakdown.

What is an auto protection plan?

An auto protection plan pays for specific mechanical breakdowns, as outlined in a contract. A protection plan is designed to repair mechanical parts that fail prematurely – it doesn’t cover cosmetic damage, normal wear and tear, or regular maintenance. 

Who offers the best auto warranty?

After comparing many providers, we chose Endurance as the best auto warranty provider overall. It offers plenty of coverage options and has a reputation for customer satisfaction. 

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