Subaru WRX drivers are more likely than any other to get a speeding ticket.

Odds are if you’ve gotten behind the wheel, you’ve exceeded the speed limit, and if you do that often enough, you’re likely to attract the attention of the long arm of the law — and get a speeding ticket. That probability rises if you’re driving a Subaru WRX.

According to a new study from, drivers of Japanese automakers rally-inspired pocket rocket are 49% more likely to get a speeding ticket. In fact, WRX owners top the website’s list of drivers with a moving violation: 20.49 percent.

The Subaru WRX actually retains the number-one spot in the rankings for the car model with the most speeding violations. The site speculates that despite the perceptions that Subaru owners are widely considered to be practical and value functionality over flashiness, the WRX’s safety features combined with the vehicle’s performance gives the driver a bit of confidence — overconfidence even.

(Drivers take cue about ADAS tech capability from system’s name.)

Subaru and Dodge dominate the top 10 speeding ticket list. (Credit:

The WRX isn’t the only Subie in the top 10 list. The Impreza took the third spot with 15.9% of all owners sporting points on their driving record. While taking two of the top three spots is notable, Subaru owners aren’t the biggest leadfoots in the U.S. That title belongs to Dodge owners.

At first glance, this may not be all that surprising given the number of Hemi-powered variants of the Challenger, Charger and even Durango but it’s a now-defunct model that leads the brand’s pack: the Dodge Dart. The study shows that 15.45% of owners have tickets.

“As a compact sedan, the Dart has historically made a name for itself as a reliable, sturdy, and safety-conscious vehicle. Even as its marketing skews towards the astute consumer, rather than the speed junkie, Dart drivers still tend to lay heavy on the gas pedal — their speeding violation rate is 32% higher than the average driver’s,” the site noted.

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The study offered up some interesting insights about U.S. driving habits, including:

The Dodge SRT Performance Lineup: 2021 Charger SRT Hellcat Redeye, 2020 Challenger SRT Super Stock, 2021 Durango SRT Hellcat (left to right).

  • National averages:Across all car models, 10.54% of drivers have a speeding violation on their record, as of February 2020.
  • Little change over time:Seven of the models that made the top 10 list for speeding violations in 2019 made this year’s list.
  • Dodge is a speeding standout:The brand had four of the top 10 vehicles and given its focus on performance vehicles rather than purely functional models, the result isn’t a big surprise.
  • Affordable brands see more speeding violations:Despite the reputation of sports cars flying down the street, it’s actually models with a starting price below national average that had the highest speeding violation rates.

(Porsche, Dodge named most “APEAL”-ing brands in new J.D. Power study.)

Although the study did show less expensive vehicles garner more speeding tickets, there are plenty of high-priced sports cars and convertibles as well. “The drivers of these specific models may not be shelling out for the fanciest cars like Teslas or Porsches, but the aesthetic they are aspiring towards in their vehicle choice shows an affinity for life in the fast lane,” the side noted.

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