Brembo CEO Daniele Schillaci outlined the company’s new strategy.

When asked what company makes the best brakes or what is the best brake company in the world, many would simply say “Brembo.” Now the Italian brake maker wants people to expand that thinking by becoming a “solutions provider.”

The company launched a new effort to be more than the company that makes brightly colored braking components found on high-end sports cars or performance brakes for motorsports, instead announced will be a solution provider “through smart, more sustainable and digital products and services.”

Calling this new vision for its future, “Turning Energy into Inspiration,” the company rolled out two new braking solutions to ensure the automotive world knows it’s serious about this shift to what officials called a “digital company” delivering “digital solutions.”

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“We entered into a new era, made of artificial intelligence and big data,” said Brembo CEO Daniele Schillaci in a web conference. “Our new vision reflects the changing times and ignites the future of Brembo. Our plan is to become a truly digital company, delivering digital solutions.

Brembo is looking to provide “greener” products, starting with its new Greentive brake disc.

“We are on a mission to anticipate the impact of the mega trends that are shaping the automotive industry and to surprise our partners by offering them solutions that are at the cutting edge of innovation. We are on their side to build together a more sustainable mobility.”

Part of that effort involves the company creating several research and development centers of excellence around the globe, including China, the U.S., India and Europe, Schillaci said during the online event.

Ultimately the idea is to make the company “cool” and “aspirational” as it expands and grows its impact within the industry, Schillaci said, offering up that the company’s brake-by-wire system can be configured to a specific driver profile, helping each driver become safer behind the wheel.

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As part of its efforts, it’s looking to develop and manufacture braking systems that are more environmentally friendly. The idea, according to officials, is to make certain that each new Brembo product will be “greener” than the one before it.

The new ENESYS Energy Saving System, an innovative spring solution, that reduces residual drag and carbon dioxide emissions.

To that end, it revealed its new Greentive braking disc, which features a new layer of coating applied to its ring, using High-Velocity-Oxy-Fuel (HVOF) technology. This new technology offers a high level of corrosion resistance. It also slows wear on the disc, allowing for longer life span.

The company is known for having colorful braking components that are quickly recognized around the world. That doesn’t stop with the Greentive discs, which has a mirroring effect that “exudes elegance and personality.” This is further emphasized by the Brembo logo featured on the brake ring surface, which not only enhances its Brembo identity but also signals when the disc needs to be replaced.

In addition, the company’s new ENESYS Energy Saving System, an innovative spring solution, that reduces residual drag and carbon dioxide emissions. The spring ensures the brake pads return to their initial position in the caliper once the brake pedal is released. This eliminates friction between the pads and the brake disc.

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It also reduces possible residual contacts between pads and discs while the driver is not braking, kind of like regenerative braking on electric vehicles. “This small yet ultra-efficient solution prioritises a reduction of both emissions and energy waste, while also guaranteeing an overall increase in performance of a vehicle with the same engine, power and weight,” the company noted.

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