Pre-production versions of the all-new 2021 Bronco family, (l to r) the Sport, 2-Door and 4-Door.

The long wait is over. After months of waiting…and a few extra days due to a calendar “mishap,” we’ve finally gotten a good luck at the new Ford Bronco. Here are your links to complete coverage of the reborn nameplate, the all-new brand and the three new models – with some hints as to what products might next emerge from the pipeline.

But first, let’s start with a quick look at some of the features we like best about the new 2021 Ford Broncos:

  • Ford designers clearly paid homage to the classic Broncos of 1966 through 1996 without falling into the trap of being completely retro;
  • Buyers now have three different models to choose from: the 2-Door and 4-Door models, as well as the smaller and more modern-looking Bronco Sport;
  • All three Broncos come with standard all-wheel-drive and, we’re told, so will any other models to follow;
  • The prototype for the original Bronco was nicknamed GOAT, for “Goes Over Any Terrain.” The new models get seven-mode GOAT dials that automatically adjust various vehicle functions to handle specific terrain and weather conditions from snow to mud to rock-crawling;

    The GOAT Terrain Management System let’s a driver instantly adjust vehicle settings for terrain road and weather conditions.

  • You can pull off not only the doors on the 2- and 4-Door models but also the roof. And there’s a special place to store the doors in the back of the SUV.
  • To handle extremely tight corner when out on a trail, the bigger Trail Turn Assist cuts power to the inside rear wheel to help you turn much quicker than you could just turning the wheel;
  • The 2- and 4-Door models feature disconnecting front stabilizer bars for trail use that automatically recouple when you’re back on pavement;
  • An underbody camera system helps you see where your wheels are, an especially useful feature on rugged trails;
  • Trail Control serves as a sort of off-road cruise control, regulating power and braking at speeds up to 20 mph forward, 6 mph in reverse.

Okay, so if that list has whetted your appetite, you’re certainly going to want to check out our complete coverage of the return of the Bronco:

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