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As with any luxury vehicle, repairs to a Land Rover SUV can be extremely costly. But with a Land Rover extended warranty, you won’t always have to foot the bill.

In this article, we’ll review what Land Rover’s extended warranty covers and see how it stacks up against some of the best extended warranty providers on the market.

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Best Extended Warranty Companies for Land Rover Vehicles
We reviewed every major warranty company for coverage, affordability and more. Here are our recommendations.
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Land Rover Extended Warranty Overview

Land Rover does not provide much information about its extended warranty on its website, but it does state that its one comprehensive protection plan offers “extensive mechanical and electrical vehicle coverage” for “generous claim and mileage allowances.”

During our review process, we called a dealership to get more clarity on term limits. A sales representative said Land Rover extended warranty coverage was available for up to 10 years/150,000 miles, depending on the model and mileage of the vehicle. The representative also told us that extended plans were offered through CNA National Warranty Corporation. This may change from dealer to dealer, so be sure to confirm with your local Land Rover retailer.

We were able to find the following examples of covered parts and components listed on a few various dealership websites: 

What’s Covered
Engine All internally lubricated parts, including the piston pins, rings, connecting rods and bearings, and crankshaft and main bearings
Transmission All internally lubricated parts within transmission cases, including the torque converter, filler tube, dipstick, vacuum modulator, internal linkage and transmission mounts
Drive Axle All internally lubricated parts within the differential housing, transaxle housing and final drive housing
Air Conditioning Air-conditioner compressor, clutch, clutch pulley, clutch coils and electrical HVAC actuators
Heating/Cooling Water pump, thermostat, radiator and mounting brackets, and coolant recovery unit
Electrical Starter, alternator, voltage regulator, distributor, ignition coil, wiring harness, solenoids and ignition switch
Braking Master cylinder, power assist booster, wheels cylinders, combination valves, disc calipers, and metal hydraulic lines and fittings
Suspension Struts, mounting plates, retainer and bushing, upper and lower control arms, and control arm shafts and bushings
Steering Gear housing and all internally lubricated parts, including the rack and pinion, power steering pump, and main and intermediate shafts
Fuel Delivery Fuel pump, fuel tank, fuel tank sending unit, fuel injectors, and metal and plastic fuel lines
Enhanced Systems Coverage for high-tech components like blind spot monitors, hands-free systems, rear monitoring systems, driver information center, keyless access, navigation, multimedia interface and voice recognition/command systems



Although this coverage seems standard across multiple dealerships’ websites, it’s best to contact your local retailer and comb through a Land Rover extended warranty contract to see exactly what would be covered on your vehicle.



What the Land Rover Extended Warranty Does Not Cover

Because there’s such limited information available online about Land Rover’s extended warranty, it’s hard to say what’s not covered in the service plan. Again, we recommend contacting your local dealership to see a sample contract and thoroughly reviewing it before signing on the dotted line.

One thing we did find that may limit the appeal of Land Rover’s extended warranty is that you’ll need to bring your vehicle to the dealership for service. While this may be a problem depending on where you’re located, it can add peace of mind that your vehicle will only be worked on by Land Rover technicians using genuine parts.



Additional Benefits of a Land Rover Extended Warranty


Land Rover says on its website that warranties come with travel protection while abroad and the option to include Land Rover Assistance. However, specific dealership websites say roadside assistance benefits run the full duration of your service agreement.

Again, few details are provided about the roadside assistance, but if it’s the same as what’s offered in the factory warranty, it will help drivers with flat tire changes, emergency fuel delivery, battery jump-starts, unlocking service and more. It will also tow your vehicle to the nearest dealership (or to your preferred Land Rover dealer if it’s within 50 miles) for free.



Dealership vs. Third-Party Extended Coverage


While Land Rover’s extended warranty may cover everything you need, it falls short when it comes to flexibility. That means you may be paying premium prices to cover repairs for parts of your vehicle that you could easily pay out-of-pocket for.

With a third-party extended warranty, you have more flexibility to pick from several plans that often range from basic powertrain coverage to full bumper-to-bumper protection. Third-party warranties are also generally cheaper than what the manufacturer offers.


Here are some additional reasons a third-party provider might be your best bet:


  • Longer coverage terms: The Land Rover extended warranty only covers your car up to 10 years or 150,000 miles. That’s a generous amount of time, but some third-party providers offer coverage up to 20 years/250,000 miles, which means you could get more life out of your vehicle.
  • Choice of repair shops: With most third-party warranty providers, there’s no need to go to a Land Rover dealership for repairs. CARCHEX, one of our top recommended providers for Land Rover owners, allows customers to have repairs done at over 30,000 shops nationwide.
  • No timeframe for purchasing: Land Rover’s extended warranty must be added before your factory warranty expires. But third-party warranties can be added at any time.
  • More plan transparency: Most third-party providers include detailed coverage information and sample contracts on their websites, so you can make a decision about whether a plan works for you before you request a quote. With Land Rover, you’ll have to contact a dealership for any details – and know what questions to ask to make sure you fully understand what you’re buying into.



How Much is Land Rover’s Extended Warranty?


To get a better idea of what a Land Rover extended warranty costs, we contacted our local dealership to get a quote for a 2019 Discovery Sport with 6,000 miles on it. For the maximum term limit, 10 years/150,000 miles, we were quoted $6,400 with a $0 deductible or $5,400 with a $200 deductible.

On Land Rover’s website, the company specifies that extended warranties have tiered deductibles depending on where you take your vehicle to be serviced: $0 at a dealership and $100 at any other repair facility. Specific dealer websites, however, offer conflicting pricing, advertising a $100 deductible at the dealership and $250 at other repair facilities. And when we called our local dealer, the deductible options were $0 or $200.

We also found figures in our research that priced a 7-year/100,000-mile term limit at $5,870. It was unclear what vehicle or deductible this price entailed, but it seems about in the ballpark of the quote we received.

It’s important to note that Land Rover extended warranty coverage must be purchased while the factory warranty is still in place. This could cause you to pay for unnecessary overlapping coverage. Your dealer will also probably offer to roll the price of the extended plan into your vehicle payments, but keep in mind that this way, you’ll end up paying interest on it, which will drive the price up even more.

Land Rover states that transferability and cancellation options are available on extended plans, but details are not specified.



Conclusion: Is the Land Rover Extended Warranty Worth It?


Considering Land Rover’s low reliability ratings and above-average repair costs, we think adding an extended car warranty is worth it to cover expensive fixes after your factory warranty expires.

However, with so much conflicting information about the specifics of Land Rover’s extended warranty, you’ll need to contact your local dealership to decide whether the manufacturer’s plan is the right choice for your coverage needs and budget.

We recommend looking at third-party providers that are more transparent with upfront plan information and that offer a simple online quotes process and many more plan options.



Recommended Extended Warranty Providers


In our review of the best third-party extended warranty providers, Endurance, CARCHEX and CarShield came out on top. Endurance doesn’t cover Land Rover vehicles, but CARCHEX and CarShield offer plans for many Land Rover models. We recommend getting a quote from each provider so you can compare cost and coverage.


Best Extended Warranty Companies for Land Rover Vehicles
We reviewed every major warranty company for coverage, affordability and more. Here are our recommendations.
Best for High-Mileage Cars Most Affordable
Editor’s Rating: Editor’s Rating:
★★★★½ ★★★★½
Get Quote Get Quote
(866) 254-0205 (800) 563-2761


See our comparison chart below for a quick overview of each company’s offerings and how they compare to the Land Rover extended warranty. If you’re having trouble deciding between the two third-party providers, read our CARCHEX vs. CarShield review.


  Land Rover Extended Warranty CARCHEX Extended Warranty CarShield Extended Warranty
Max Length of Coverage 10 years/150,000 miles from in-service date 10 years/250,000 miles 200,000 miles
Number of Plan Options 1 5 6
Deductible $0 – $250 depending on repair facility $0 – $200 $0 – $100
Repair Network Land Rover dealership preferred More than 30,000 facilities nationwide ASE-Certified® repair facilities
Availability From local dealer Free online quote Free online quote




Do You Need Land Rover Extended Warranty Coverage?

Land Rover offers a line of luxury SUVs with bells and whistles like a waterproof wristband key, massage seats and electronic air suspension that automatically adjusts the height of the vehicle.

But despite high-end perks – and hefty price tags – reliable vehicles they are not. In fact, RepairPal ranks Land Rover at 31st out of 32 car manufacturers when it comes to reliability, and J.D. Power placed the company dead last in its 2020 U.S. Vehicle Dependability Study™. 

Land Rovers are also more costly to repair than the average vehicle. According to RepairPal, the average annual repair cost for Land Rover vehicles is $1,174, which is almost double the industry-wide yearly average of $652. When you factor this into the total cost of ownership, a Land Rover extended warranty could be a great investment to protect you against costly repairs.

Here are some common repairs and their average costs, according to RepairPal:

Land Rover Model Repair Average Cost
Range Rover Alternator replacement $704 – $1,214
Range Rover Timing belt replacement $1,343 – $1,594
Discovery Head gasket replacement $1,181 – $1,548
Discovery Air conditioning recharge $123 – $156
Defender 90 Starter replacement $357 – $790


Land Rover Factory Warranty Coverage

Wondering what coverage you already have? Under the Land Rover Passport to Service, which is the company’s moniker for its factory warranty, drivers are covered bumper-to-bumper for 4 years or 50,000 miles.

It’s exclusionary coverage, meaning it covers the vast majority of your vehicle’s parts and components. Unlike many manufacturers that offer a longer powertrain warranty on new vehicles, Land Rover wraps the powertrain into its exclusionary warranty.

Additionally, Land Rover’s new vehicle coverage includes a 6-year/unlimited-mile corrosion perforation warranty and an 8-year/100,000-mile hybrid battery warranty.

Land Rover Certified Pre-Owned Coverage

The company’s Land Rover Approved Certified Limited Warranty covers certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles for up to 7 years/100,000 miles, measured from the vehicle’s original in-service date. For example, if you purchased a CPO 2017 Range Rover with 40,000 miles on it, your CPO warranty would cover the vehicle for another 4 years/60,000 miles.

While this is substantially longer than the original factory warranty, the CPO warranty isn’t quite as comprehensive. It does, however, include roadside assistance for the duration of the term.





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