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Extended auto warranties can save you thousands of dollars in repairs after your car’s factory warranty expires. Our in-depth comparison between two leading providers – CARCHEX and Endurance Warranty Services – describes both companies’ coverage, cost, customer service and benefits.

Below, you’ll find a side by side comparison of the two providers. Keep reading to learn which provider might be best for you, or get a quote from one (or both) of the companies today. After all, that’s the best way to compare your options.



CARCHEX Endurance Warranty
  • 16 protection plans
  • A+ rating from the BBB
  • Covers most older vehicles up to 25 years old and up to 250,000 miles
  • Full refund if canceled within first 30 days
  • Transferable plans
  • Extended warranty broker
  • Certified by the Vehicle Protection Association
  • Covers most older cars up to 15 years old and up to 200,000 miles
  • Full refund if canceled within first 30 days
  • Free 1-year Endurance Elite Membership
  • Endurance Protect app to manage your warranty
  • Transferable plans
  • Direct provider
  • Doesn’t cover repairs due to neglect, weather, accidents or wear and tear
  • Only five protection plans
  • Doesn’t provide coverage in California
  • Doesn’t cover repairs due to neglect, weather, accidents or wear and tear

Table of Contents:

logo carchex

CARCHEX Highlights

CARCHEX was founded in 1999 as a national provider of mobile pre-purchase car inspections. In 2004, it added vehicle service contracts to its suite of products and quickly grew to become one of the biggest and most popular names in the industry. It has since received numerous endorsements from industry leaders, such as CARFAX, SiriusXM, and Kelley Blue Book, and has been in the Inc. 5000 list for several years. You can think of CARCHEX as a broker of extended warranties. The company affordable, customizable protection plans from top-rated administrators to its customers.

Read more about CARCHEX:

CARCHEX Extended Vehicle Protection Plans

Described below, CARCHEX offers five levels of extended warranty coverage with multiple options at each level. There are 16 protection plans in all with coverage terms ranging from five to 10 years.

  • Titanium: The Titanium level provides bumper-to-bumper protection, similar to a manufacturer’s warranty. Most suitable for newer cars, it includes coverage for all car components other than stated exclusions in the contract.
  • Platinum: The Platinum level is the highest level of stated component coverage available at CARCHEX. It provides protection for hundreds of listed car parts, including suspension, enhanced electrical, heating/cooling, and all the parts in the Gold, Silver and Bronze tiers. 
  • Gold: The Gold level protects all the major car systems. CARCHEX recommends this level for cars with more than 60,000 miles, which is when most warranties expire. 
  • Silver: The Silver level provides essential coverage for the major car systems – fuel delivery, electrical, air conditioning and powertrain.
  • Bronze: The Bronze level protects the engine, transmission and drive axle, which can be some of the most expensive parts to repair.

Regular maintenance, batteries, tires and other wear-and-tear items are not covered under CARCHEX warranties. However, this is true for most vehicle service contracts. For more details about the plans, including a complete list of exclusions, we recommend reading the sample contracts on the CARCHEX website.

Benefits Included with CARCHEX Plans

All CARCHEX auto warranties come with additional benefits like the following:

  • Rental reimbursement: This benefit covers the cost of a rental car up to $40 per day for a maximum of $175 for each repair.
  • Trip interruption: If you have a covered breakdown more than 100 miles from home, this service pays up to $50 per day for a maximum of three days for meals and lodging.
  • 24/7 roadside assistance: This service pays up to $100 (per occurrence) for emergency roadside assistance such as flat tire changes, gas delivery, towing, battery jumpstarts and lockout services. 

CARCHEX Customer Service

CARCHEX operates by the motto, “Customer Experience Above All,” and this is reflected in its ratings. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) gives CARCHEX an A+ rating, which is the highest available. CARCHEX has also been accredited with the BBB since 2009, which indicates its commitment to ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction., CARCHEX scored 10/10 on customer service categories such as claims service and help and support. On Trustpilot, CARCHEX has an average rating of 3.8 out of 5 with a total of 1288 reviews. gave similar ratings: 3.7 for customer service and an overall score of 4.4. 

How Much Does CARCHEX Cost?

CARCHEX warranty prices can vary with the age of the vehicle, its make and model, mileage, the plan, and coverage terms. Some contracts mention surcharges for diesel vehicles, four-wheel/all-wheel drive, turbocharger/supercharger, electric/hybrid vehicles and vehicles with one ton gross vehicle weight capability. Since CARCHEX acts as a broker for several providers, its prices will be competitive. The company promises a “No-Haggle, Low-Price Everyday Guarantee™,” meaning when you call for a quote, you should get the lowest price up front. On average, a CARCHEX warranty for a 2007-2014 model Toyota will cost around $56 per month.* The company has flexible payment plans that allow you to pay the full amount up front or in installments. You can choose from a deductible of $0, $50, $100 or $200. CARCHEX car warranties can be canceled anytime, but you will receive a full refund only if you cancel within the first 30 days. After that, you will receive a prorated refund.

How Does a CARCHEX Warranty Work?

All CARCHEX warranties have a 30-day waiting period before they’re in effect. You can file a claim online on the CARCHEX website or by calling the claims helpline. Once the claim is filed, it will be assigned to a claims administrator who will walk you through the claims process. CARCHEX does not restrict its customers to a limited network of repair centers. You have the freedom to choose from over 30,000 licensed repair shops for your covered repairs. This includes dealerships, independent shops and national chains. Your repair shop should call the CARCHEX claims administrator for final authorization before making any repairs. If you have a deductible, you will pay it to the repair shop. CARCHEX will pay the remaining amount of the covered repairs directly to the shop, saving you the headache of waiting for reimbursement.

How to Get a CARCHEX Quote

CARCHEX offers free, instant no-obligation quotes.

Call a CARCHEX car warranty expert at 866-254-0205 to discuss your plan options. If you fill out the online form, one of the company’s specialists will call you with the estimate within minutes.

endurance logo

Endurance Highlights

Headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois, Endurance Warranty Services LLC was founded in 2006. It is one of the most popular warranty companies in the market and has a positive customer service reputation, along with a Gold certification status from the Vehicle Protection Association. In 2019, it was in the Inc. 5000 list and received the Gold Stevie award in 2016 and 2017. While CARCHEX offers vehicle protection plans from multiple providers, Endurance is a direct administrator of most of its extended warranties or extended protection plans.

Read more about Endurance:

Endurance Coverage Plans

Like CARCHEX, Endurance warranties come in five coverage levels. However, since it is a direct provider of plans and doesn’t offer plans from multiple providers, each coverage tier has only one plan.

  • Supreme: The Supreme level offers the highest level of coverage and is similar to a new vehicle limited warranty. It provides maximum breakdown protection for all car parts, except certain listed exclusions.
  • Superior: The Superior level is the highest level of stated component coverage available at Endurance, covering hundreds of listed car components. 
  • Secure Plus: The Secure Plus level provides mid-level comprehensive coverage, including steering, brakes and electrical. It also has the shortest waiting period for an Endurance car warranty at 30 days and 1,000 miles.
  • Select Premier: The Select Premier level provides coverage for the most important parts of high-mileage cars such as the powertrain components, air conditioning, cooling and electrical.
  • Secure: The Secure level offers the most affordable coverage of all Endurance warranties and protects powertrain components. 

We recommend reading the sample contracts provided on the Endurance website for a complete list of coverage details.

Benefits Included with Endurance Warranties

All Endurance warranties include the following benefits:

Rental car reimbursement: This benefit covers expenses (up to $30 per day and $150 per breakdown) to rent a vehicle or use alternate public transportation while your vehicle is being repaired at a licensed repair facility.

24/7 roadside assistance: A covered breakdown will entitle you to any one of the following benefits per 72 hours:

  • Towing service (full coverage for a tow of 25 miles or less)
  • Fuel/fluid delivery service (covers the cost of delivery only)
  • Tire service (covers the cost of changing a flat tire with your spare)
  • Trip interruption (up to $150 day for a maximum of three days if a covered breakdown occurs more than 100 miles from home)
  • Mechanical first aid
  • Battery jumpstart
  • Lockout service 

Elite Endurance Membership: Every Endurance warranty comes with a membership to the Elite Endurance Membership program, which offers the following additional benefits:

  • Extra discounts ($250 to spend at select partners plus other discounts) 
  • Repair finance (up to $5,000 in repair loans)
  • Tire repair/replacement (up to two tires per year)
  • Personal concierge
  • Endurance Protect App 
  • ID theft recovery 
  • Key fob replacement

While this is a great service to have, it is included with your Endurance warranty for only one year. After the first year, you will have to renew your membership if you wish to continue with the program. 

Endurance Customer Service

Endurance has an exceptional reputation for customer service in the extended warranty market. While it is not accredited with the BBB, it is important to remember that companies are not obligated to register with the organization. The company has earned almost four stars, which is very positive for BBB. Endurance doesn’t currently have a BBB rating due to an ongoing advertising review of the business. However, we were able to determine that it has had B and B+ ratings in the past. gives Endurance a 9.6 score. The lower scores are on coverage options and claims service, but they are still positive overall.

On Trustpilot, Endurance has an average rating of 4 out of 5 with a total of 466 reviews. does not list Endurance.

How Do Endurance Warranties Work?

The Endurance warranty claims process is nothing out of the ordinary. You can take your car to any licensed repair facility of your choice for covered repairs. You should give the shop a copy of your Endurance contract or the contract number. Before starting any repairs, the shop has to contact Endurance for authorization.

Any repairs made without proper authorization may not qualify for benefits unless it was an emergency repair without which your vehicle would be unsafe or inoperable. In such scenarios, Endurance will pay you or the shop if the repair is determined to be covered by your contract. Make sure you contact the Endurance warranty claims center within five days of the emergency repair to report it.

Once the shop has obtained authorization, walk through the estimated charges with the mechanic so that you understand what will be covered by your Endurance warranty. If you have a deductible, you will be required to pay it to the shop. Endurance will pay you or the shop directly for the remaining amount for covered repairs. Once your car is repaired, you should submit all the required paperwork to Endurance within 30 days (365 days in Wisconsin) to receive your benefits. 

How Much Does an Endurance Warranty Cost?

Just like a CARCHEX warranty, your final Endurance warranty price will be affected by multiple factors, including the age, make, model, and mileage of your vehicle, your driving habits, the deductible you choose, etc. You’ll be charged extra to include these features:

  • High-tech components
  • Commercial use
  • Tire modification/body or suspension
  • Hybrid vehicle

The standard deductible for an Endurance warranty is $100 unless otherwise specified on the contract. You may also be able to choose a disappearing deductible in some cases. The best way to find your Endurance warranty price is to get a quote. 

How to Get a Quote for Your Endurance Warranty

Just like CARCHEX, Endurance offers free, instant quotes.

You can call the company at 877-374-1840 or visit the website to speak to an Endurance warranty expert to determine the best plan for you and get an estimate. 

If you are not happy with your plan, you can cancel it anytime within the first 30 days for a full refund. 

Conclusion: CARCHEX Vs. Endurance

According to our research, both CARCHEX and Endurance are excellent options for an extended car warranty and offer similar coverage and benefits.

The key difference is that CARCHEX partners with plan administrators while Endurance is a direct provider. If you have a strong preference for one of these, that may be your deciding factor. Other than that, it may come down to contract details, the quoted price or your experience with customer service. We recommend contacting both CARCHEX and Endurance to get a free, customized quote before you make a decision.

*Figure accurate as of May 2017. Average monthly coverage cost is based on the average total price of the Vehicle Protection Plan over a four year coverage period. Actual monthly payments will vary per plan’s payment policy. Individual pricing is subject to change based on the combination of make, model, year, and mileage as well as coverage level and term length.


Photo Credit: Adobe Stock, © Thaut Images

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