Mercedes-AMG und Cigarette Racing present the all-new 59’ Tirranna AMG Edition at the 2020 Miami Boat Show

Luxury knows no boundaries, it seems, as high-line automakers extend their brands to take in everything from designer sunglasses to exclusive condominium complexes.

Then there’s Mercedes-AMG, Daimler’s high-performance brand announcing today that it is teaming up for the 12th time on the development of another exclusive Cigarette Racing yacht.

Making its debut at the annual Miami International Boat Show, the 59-foot Tirranna AMG Edition pushes nautical performance to new limits, with an even half-dozen supercharged 4.6-liter V-8 Mercury Racing outboards driving it across the waves. That adds up to a full 2,700 horsepower, enough to let the long-nosed cigarette boat hit a speed of 80 mph – with a special gyrostabilizer system helping it keep an even keel.

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Of course, if you can afford the $3 million-and-up price tag for the Tirranna, you’ll likely want something that can keep up when you’re back on dry land. And, to that extent, Mercedes-AMG has developed a special version of its big G-Wagen, dubbing it the G63 Cigarette Edition.

Mercedes-AMG G-Wagen can be had for $156,450, in case you can’t afford or don’t need a cigarette boat.

The SUV is, in fact, a veritable bargain at a price of just $156,450.

Making its debut today in Miami, the Cigarette Racing Team bills the Tirranna is a blend of “luxury yacht and a performance-oriented super console.”

Both car and boat share many of the same exterior design cues, as well as a contrasting metallic black and gold color scheme.

You can see the influence of AMG engineers on the Tirranna cigarette boat in a number of ways:

·       The AMG Edition makes extensive use of carbon fiber, such as the boat’s hardtop, lowering overall mass, as well as its center of gravity;

·       That lightweight material also is used for the Tirranna’s superstructure, stringers and transom;

·       The hull and deck, meanwhile, cut weight and increase strength by adopting a blend of composite laminate around a PVC core.

Meanwhile, a nautical take on stability control uses a gyrostabilizer to reduce roll by as much as 80%, useful both at high speeds and when moving at a less aggressive pace in choppy waters.

The all-new 59’ Tirranna AMG Edition made its debut at the 2020 Miami Boat Show

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The Tirranna also adopts bow and stern thrusters to make tight turns. That’s particularly useful when having to dock a boat like the Tiranna.

Like many new automobiles, the cigarette boat adopts the latest in high-tech infotainment systems, with a set of massive digital displays on its instrument panels. The system allows an owner to operate any number of functions, including climate control settings, remotely from an iPad.

The high-tech system also reduces the number of wires and cables needed to operate the boat, further reducing mass.

“The Tirranna AMG Edition is the perfect transfer of (AMG automotive technology) to a boat,” said the Daimler AG chief design officer Gorden Wagener in a statement. Its “dynamic and, at the same time, deeply sensual proportions embody athletic beauty,”

While cigarette boats have historically put a premium on performance, there are still plenty of creature comforts onboard. There’s a kitchen with sink and grille, as well as living space with a couch, California king-sized bed, shower and bathroom. And to be heard over those six Mercury racing engines, the Tirranna gets a 29-speaker, 5,200-watt audio system.

The interior the Mercedes-AMG G-Wagen gets a yacht-like feel.

As for the G63 Cigarette Edition, it gets a big bulbar up front, running boards and 22-inch cross spoke wheels.

There’s custom upholstery with contrasting macchiato beige and dark blue Nappa leather and, lest you forget, the Cigarette Racing logo appears in a number of places.

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Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing Team first partnered up in 2007.

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