Another part of the Bronco has been revealed, in this case, the grille of what many think is the “Baby” Bronco. (Photo credit:

Just a day after getting a look at part of the new 2021 Ford Bronco, another part of the new SUV has been put on display: The grille.

The forum posted the picture of the headlight and today the website followed that up with the grille from what some suspect is actually smaller ute that some have dubbed the “baby Bronco.”

The key in determining the difference between the two vehicles is that the grille has an opening for a oval-shaped lens while the recently revealed Bronco headlight is round. However, the newly unveiled grille even has the word “Bronco” in block script across the middle.

(Bronco fans get another glimpse at what’s coming)

Although its existence hasn’t been confirmed officially, the company showed pictures of what is believed to be the Baby Bronco during the 2018 Ford dealer annual meeting in Las Vegas. Pictures from the event show a strong resemblance to the grille seen in the latest picture.

The 2021 Bronco is apparently keeping to its classic roots, if this headlight is any indication. (Photo credit:

There has also been speculation that the new models may only come in just a two-door version, like the original did. Again, more news is to come in the weeks ahead.

Yesterday’s revelation showed a very clear shot of what could certainly be seen as fitting into the overall aesthetic of the next midsize SUV that Ford plans to roll out.

The light uses a large circular reflector housing with a chrome ring and center line, notes. The line seems important as it appears to match up with a horizontal running light and/or turn signal that hangs off the edge of the chrome ring.

(Ford confirms Bronco debut plans)

Additionally, a single vertical marker light sits on the outside edge, and the entire thing sits inside a black housing with a large clear lens that should all disappear when tucked into the Bronco’s grille.

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