The Fiat Concept Centoventi offers the ultimate in customization, right down to how far you can travel on a charge.

Fiat’s new concept, the Centoventi, looks to set a new standard for customization and simplicity for buyers, while hoping to capture the imagination of buyers the same way the Fiat 500 did starting in the 1950s.

The Centoventi, which is Italian for “one hundred and twenty,” is an electric vehicle designed more like a gizmo than a car. It comes in only one color, but can be personalized using the “4U” program which gives buyers a choice of four roofs, four bumpers, four wheel covers and four external wraps.

Additionally, the interior can be customized with different configurations, infotainment systems and the even the size of the battery can be selected to determine how much range each Centoventi will have.

Automotive executives have worried for some time about how they will capture the attention of younger buyers, who are used to customizing everything important in their lives like smart phones. This concept addresses that “change it now” ideal.

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After the car is purchased, if the owner wants to make more changes, Mopar will offer dozens of different parts that can be added or swapped. More than 110 in all, according to Fiat. What’s more, some simply structured accessories, such as a cup-holder or a document-holder, for example, can actually be printed using a 3D printer, in the owner’s home, at their dealership or at a specialist printing shop.

So this is a new business model for automotive accessories, enabling them to be resold or traded on the internet, nurturing a real community of brand fans or connoisseurs of Fiat’s Italian design. This new business model is focused on e-Commerce and virtual market.

As far as its actual design, the idea is less is more. In this case, it means “getting rid of everything unnecessary and complex in a car to provide more space for people (More You), attention to the environment and the community (More Care) and for the brand’s DNA in terms of values and looks (More Fiat),” the company notes.

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The interior layout of the Centovanti is modular, allowing for a maximum amount of space for passengers. Modular applies to the dashboard as well, which begins its life as little more than a series of holes that need to be filled by the buyer, allowing for different styles and equipment choices. Those can be changed later on a plug-and-play basis.

Seats and doors are designed on a similar basis allowing buyers to select from several different types of recycled fabric patterns for the seats. The doors can be configured to maximize storage space or simply enough cargo capability.

The large tailgate can accommodate an innovative display that enables Fiat Concept Centoventi to supersede the concept of connectivity to become a real social media device, on which messages can be shared with the outdoor world. When the vehicle is on the move, the car will only show the Fiat logo, but once it stops, the driver can switch to “messenger” mode.

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It consists of a set of modular batteries offering the great possible flexibility of use. As standard, the car comes with a factory-mounted battery with a range of 62 miles. But if a longer range is needed, up to three additional batteries, giving an increase of 62 miles each, can be purchased or hired. The extra batteries are installed underneath the floor of the car, by the service network.

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