A study from Volvo Cars and Harris show that drivers want a calmer daily commute.

Commuting is stressful, and Americans are looking for relief and a lot of them are finding it in their cars. A new study from Volvo Cars and Harris indicates 75% of Americans are seeking more ways to find calm amid increasing stress levels.

Moreover, the respondents to the Volvo/Harris survey are also looking in surprising places to find it. In fact, more Americans find serenity on their daily drive, approximately 20% more than while doing yoga, which 14% respondents said helped them minimize the stress.

Volvo commission the study because it was seeking to better understand how commuting and traffic drive stress levels amongst Americans, and what factors might help drivers decompress and find their own personal sanctuary on the road. 

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Drivers looking for a more soothing commute want better seats and safety tech.

Some other highlights found in Volvo Reports: Finding Calm in the Commute include:

  • 94% of Americans believe serenity is important
  • 76% of working Americans have a stressful commute
  • 33% of them are searching for serenity during their daily commute

The study also found that stress is amplified as drivers’ commutes lengthen, not just while driving, but also around juggling other life responsibilities. In addition, 72% of passengers find the riding experience stressful.

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In addition, Americans responding to the survey indicated they are willing to sacrifice for a calmer commute. Nearly one in four people, or 24%, would give up social media for a month and 15% would stretch their budget to buy a more relaxing vehicle.

Also 84% say they feel more relaxed in their own vehicles compared to using mass transit.

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Top features that would help commuters relax in the car: comfortable seats (52%), seats that optimize posture (40%), better noise insulation (31%), air filters that prevent smells/pollutants (27%), automated safety features (26%) and better selections of music, podcasts and other audio features (26%).

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