The Chevy Bolt exceeded its EPA rating for a single charge traveling 250 miles, beating two Model S variants.

With all of the buzz recently surrounding Tesla other EVs, like the Chevy Bolt, have kind of faded into the background … until a report from Consumer Reports revealed the aforementioned Bolt outdistances the Tesla Model S on a single charge.

The magazine put the Bolt and two Model S versions, the 75D and 90D, to the test for and the smaller and much less expensive Bolt came out on top traveling 250 miles, which exceeds its EPA-expected distance of 238 miles.

The Model S 75D traveled a mere 235 miles, even though it’s rated to travel 259 miles on a charge. The 90D made it 230 miles before it shut down, falling short of its expected distance of 257 miles. It should be noted that both Tesla vehicles were 2016 models.

The magazine’s electric-vehicle range test involves mixed driving, but much of the driving is at 65 m.p.h., the publication noted.

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Two versions of the Model S came up short to the Chevy Bolt in range testing by Consumer Reports.

“If you were to meander on country roads at 45 m.p.h., you might get even more range. To ensure repeatability, the CR tests are done with the air conditioning and heater off,” according to the magazine.

“Hard acceleration and running the HVAC system can cut the range significantly, as can driving in very cold temperatures.”

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Price, however, could be a major factor for some considering a purchase, with the Bolt at $37,495 and the Tesla Model S 75D at $75,700 before a $7,500 federal tax credit, the publication said. The more comparable in size Model 3 wasn’t tested since it just became available last week.

Despite the range revelation, the magazine still rated the Model S as the best EV available with the Bolt coming in second. The Bolt had other issues that worked against it claiming the top spot, including slower acceleration, a soft or “squishy” brake pedal, a harsh ride and uncomfortable seats.

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The Bolt also lacks the autonomous driving capability that the Model S features, but GM’s working on that. It recently added 130 Bolts to its autonomous vehicle testing fleet.

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