Florida-based Revology Cars is ready to start production on its new 1967 Shelby GT500 replicas.

Everyone has done it. You know, the “what if” game. In this case, “What if you received $200,000 tax-free to buy whatever you wanted?”

Here’s a suggestion: a 1967 Shelby GT500.

However, since there aren’t so many of those around, you could always put an in order for a Revology Cars to get a replica of the real deal. The Florida-based specialty automobile manufacturer, has confirmed plans for a new, licensed reproduction 1967 Shelby GT500, to be on sale by next summer.

Revology, which is one of three company’s licensed by Shelby American, to build replicas of this and the 1966 Shelby GT350, gives buyers the best of old and the new with their models.

“We carefully integrate modern technology to improve performance, reliability, durability, fuel economy, safety, and comfort,” Tom Scarpello, president and founder of Revology Cars, “while retaining the essential character and style of the original design.”

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If not the '67 Shelby GT500 replica, how about something a little calmer ... and topless?

The new GT500 will feature the 435hp Ford “Coyote” V8, the same engine that is found in the current generation Mustang GT, according to Revology.

“The Coyote is a perfect engine for the GT500,” said Scarpello. “It has it all… Power, torque, and light weight; smooth, and high-revving. The Coyote is a technological tour de force.”

Really it’s more like tour de fast. The new engine boasts more than 1.5 times the power of the original original 428ci V8. For those who like to be pushed back into their seats when they hit the go pedal, not is the new car purring with a bigger engine, it weighs 550 lbs less than a modern Mustang GT. In fact, the Revology GT500 has a more favorable power-to-weight ratio than a Ferrari 360 Modena.

However, these cars have a terrific upside: they are meant to be driven. Yes, so are the originals, but with the replica you enjoy all of the comfort and reliability of modern technology and without all of the worry about dings in the parking lot – or worse – from people on the roads.

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“These are seriously fast cars, but we don’t just build ‘numbers’ cars,” Scarpello notes. ”Our cars are made to be capable in all conditions. Even crawling along in stop and go traffic in 110-degree heat, you and the car are OK. Combining classic styling, sound, and feel, with modern comfort and reliability, we have produced a very, very special car.”

Revology is the only licensed manufacturer to use exclusively the state-of-the-art 2016 model Ford Ti-VCT DOHC V8 engine in its Shelby models. Each Revology Shelby GT500 will be documented in the Worldwide Shelby Registry, the company notes.

While the pricing hasn’t been released, if the price of the GT350 is any indication – it starts at $158K – you may need the full $200K, since the super-duper high-end Bluetooth-enabled sound system costs more than $4,000.

If that doesn’t do it for you, the company also produces a full line-up of 1964½ through 1966 Ford Mustangs, including convertibles. However, if you haven’t won the lottery or hit it big through inheritance or uncovering an original copy of the Declaration of Independence at a garage sale, but still want one you can get yours started for a mere $10,000 deposit. Production will be reserved in the order deposits are received.

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Good news! The deposit is fully refundable, should you change your mind.

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