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Chrysler Recalls Jeeps for Transmission Fires

Wrangler automatic transmissions can overheat.

by on Nov.16, 2009


Vehicles were not equipped with a transmission fluid temperature warning system.

Chrysler is recalling model year 2007 through 2008 Jeep Wranglers manufactured between June 2006 through July 2008 passenger vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions. About 161,000 Wranglers are affected. These

Chrysler told National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that fluid could boil over and cause a fire.

The possibility of this comes under extreme conditions.

“Operating a vehicle under rigorous off-road conditions will cause the vehicle’s transmission fluid temperature to elevate. Continuous operation under such rigorous conditions may lead to a transmission failure. In cases where the limits of the vehicle are exceeded beyond reasonable usage over an extended period, the fluid could boil over and may come into contact with a hot engine or exhaust component and cause a fire,” Chrysler said.