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10 Worst Neighborhoods for Car Theft

Stay away from Dallas and Las Vegas.

by on Feb.17, 2011

Most of the worst neighborhoods for car theft are out West, with Dallas and Las Vegas among the worst.

Sure, folks are used to losing their shirts along the Strip, in Las Vegas.  But that’s what you risk when you walk into a casino. But you’re also risking your car, it seems.

The neon-hued city has one of the worst neighborhoods in country when it comes to car thefts, reports the website NeighborhoodScout, using insurance industry data.  To be more precise, the most serious problem is located in the Lubertha Johnson Park neighborhood of Las Vegas, where the car theft rate is running 164.76 vehicles per 1,000 – or nearly one in six.

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That compares with a U.S. average of just three per 1,000, which still ends up costing an estimated $5.2 billion a year in owner losses and the checks insurance companies have to write.

As bad as it sounds, however, Las Vegas doesn’t even have the worst neighborhood when it comes to car theft.  That dubious honor goes to the West Commerce Street community in Dallas, where nearly one in four cars are stolen, 223.77 per 1,000, to be precise.