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GM Plans to Stay in Passenger Car Business, Reuss Says

Car czar also explains how Chevy Bolt came to life.

by on Jan.12, 2017

GM's Mark Reuss told an audience in Detroit last night that the company plans to remain in the passenger car business.

Unlike some of its competitors, General Motors has no plans to pull out of parts of the passenger car business, GM Executive Vice President Mark Reuss told the annual Automotive News World Congress.

“We really don’t have to,” he said.

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Reuss said General Motors global scale allows it to continue building cars in various segments. GM does plan to retire older models that are now sold in more remote markets outside the United States, but they will be replaced by vehicles built from global platforms that serve multiple regions, he said. (more…)

Barra Says Low Gas Prices Won’t Change GM Plans

Automaker continues to learn lessons from recalls.

by on Jan.15, 2015

GM CEO Mary Barra told Keith Crain, Automotive News editor-in-chief, that the automaker's plans haven't changed with the drop in gas prices.

The big drop in oil prices isn’t prompting General Motors to change its plans or strategy, GM Chief Executive Officer Mary Barra said this week.

Barra was asked about the drop in oil and gasoline prices, which are down 55% in the past six months, during a discussion at the Automotive News World Congress with Keith Crain, the publication’s editor-in-chief.

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“I can tell you this. It hasn’t changed our plans one bit. I think everyone is a little perplexed. I don’t know what it’s going to be,” Barra said in reply to the question by Crain. Barra also admitted the recall crisis made her first years as GM’s top executive very difficult. “We’ve learned a lot,” she said. (more…)

Massive Recall is Opportunity, Toyota Chief Claims

Maker also planning to move still more production to U.S.

by on Jan.13, 2010

Toyota's top U.S. executive, Yoshimi Inaba sees opportunity in the recall of 3.8 million vehicles due to sticking accelerator pedals.

Toyota hasn’t toted up how much it will cost to recall more than 3.8 million vehicles to replace floor mats and accelerator pedals Toyota’s top executive in the US, Yoshimi Inaba,  said, following a speech in Detroit.

However,  Toyota is committed to using the recall as an opportunity to both reassure customers and to impress them with the company’s service and attention to detail, Inaba emphasized during his speech to the Automotive News World Congress.

“We are going take care of people,” said the Japanese executive. “It an opportunity to prove ourselves to them.”

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Inaba insisted everyone at Toyota was committed to the principal, adding that he believes that a carefully-managed recall, “will make a huge difference” in protecting the company’s reputation, which has been built up over decades.