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GM’s Mary Barra Takes Crown on Most Powerful Women List

Magazine picks two other GM execs for top five spots.

by on Nov.27, 2013

GM EVP Mary Barra topped Fortune's list of the Most Powerful Women in the auto industry this year.

With Christmas around the corner, putting together lists becomes a priority for some and when it comes to the most powerful women in the automotive industry, there’s a list for that too: General Motors’ Mary Barra tops it.

Barra, executive vice president of global product development and global purchasing and supply chain, captured the No. 1 position on Fortune magazine’s Most Powerful Women in the auto industry list. Barra is considered a potential successor to GM CEO Dan Akerson.

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While being considered for the top dog spot at GM certainly gave her plenty of cache, the remainder of the list is a mix of engineers, communications and marketing executives with a CEO of a supplier and a race car driver mixed in for good measure. (more…)

A Woman CEO “Inevitable” at a Detroit Big Three Automaker, says GM Chairman Akerson

Current chief exec’s talk of a “car gal” puts focus on GM global product chief Mary Barra.

by on Sep.25, 2013

Is GM product czar Mary Barra on her way to becoming the maker's next CEO?

While he has said he is in no rush to retire, General Motors Chairman and CEO Dan Akerson dropped a big hint about who might eventually replace him, telling his audience at an automotive conference in Detroit that it is “inevitable” a “car gal” will eventually run one of the Motor City’s Big Three automakers.

GM has already come a long way from the days when its management team was dominated by “car guys” in gray flannel suits. It currently has four women on its board of directors and six women rank among its corporate officers. And there has already been buzz that Mary Barra, the maker’s senior vice president of global product development could be on the short list of those with a shot at eventually replacing Akerson, who turns 65 next month.

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“You’ll have more women in board rooms and more women in senior management 10 years from now, at least I hope so,” Akerson said during a speech to the 2013 Michigan Automotive Summit.

Women have been slowly gaining a foothold in the auto industry over the last three decades, but for the large part, most have been assigned to traditionally “female” roles in senior management, such as Human Resources, public relations or environmental affairs.


Will Mary Barra be GM’s 1st Female CEO?

Akerson cites her as a prominent potential successor.

by on May.02, 2012

GM product czar Mary Barra with the Chevrolet Volt.

She has already broken the glass ceiling as General Motors’ first female director of global product development – but could Mary Barra be on her way to become the giant automaker’s first woman CEO?

Based on comments made by the man who currently holds that title it’s a very real possibility that the 50-year-old Barra could success GM Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Dan Akerson in the next few years.

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“I wouldn’t be surprised” to see Barra get the nod, Akerson, who has himself been in the job for less than two years, told a Wall Street Journal economic conference.  But he cautioned that choosing the next GM chief executive is “the board’s job, not mine,” adding that “I think there are a number of good candidates” who might vie for the position.