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Chrysler Workers Suspended for Pot Smoking, Drinking on Job

Latest sting nabs 9 who could be fired.

by on Jul.19, 2011

A Chrysler worker caught drinking on the job. Image courtesy of WJBK via

Nine Chrysler workers have been suspended – and could eventually be fired – after being captured by a Detroit TV news camera drinking and smoking pot both before work and then while on their lunch breaks.

It’s the second time in less than a year a sting revealed Chrysler workers becoming intoxicated while they were supposed to be on the job.

While the incident could prove embarrassing to the automaker, which has been struggling to rebuild its reputation for quality, it also reflects more positively on the change in culture at the automaker, as the video sting was set up after the Detroit Fox affiliate received a tip from two workers at the suburban Detroit engine plant who said they were worried drug and alcohol use could threaten their safety.

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A number of Chrysler plants have, over the years, struggled with problems involving drugs and alcohol.  A senior union official acknowledged to that the maker’s Windsor minivan plant was often referred to as “The Zoo,” with extensive use of alcohol and drugs, often on the plant’s roof.  The Canadian Auto Workers union official insisted, however, that labor and management had made an aggressive push to correct the problem.