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VW Fix for Diesel Cheat May Take Longer to Reach U.S.

CEO promises plan “in the next few days” – but not for US owners.

by on Sep.29, 2015

About 11 million vehicles sold worldwide used the software cheat. Fixing those sold in the U.S. is likely to be the most difficult part.

(This story updates an early report on

Volkswagen’s promise to deliver a fix for its rigged diesel engine “in the next few days” refers to vehicles sold in Europe and other foreign markets, not the U.S., according to a company source.

The “retrofit” that VW expects will bring the vehicles into compliance with government pollution standards was announced Tuesday in Berlin by the company’s new CEO, Matthias Mueller, who said customers would be contacted “in the next few days” with details.

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But a company source, who spoke on condition of anonymity with later in the day, said the promise only refers to VW diesels sold in Europe and some other foreign markets, not the U.S., where the fix will be more complicated.