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Slap Those Wipers!

Detroit inventor has help on snowy mornings.

by on Mar.14, 2014

A Detroit-area company has come up with the Motor City Wiper that helps eliminate the build up of ice and snow on wipers.

If you’ve ever had to scrape the snow and ice off your windshield on a cold winter morn – and it seems like everyone outside Southern California has faced that problem this year, you may want to root for a small Detroit start-up that thinks it has a better idea.

Windshield wipers are one of those automotive components most of don’t think much about – until we need them. And when they’re covered with ice that we have to crack off, Motor City Wiper’s solution could be a godsend. They actually smack themselves against your windshield to break off the icy crust without having to grab them manually.

Product News!

Could these be the next big breakthrough after the development of the intermittent windshield wiper? The little Detroit firm is hoping so and is hunting around for both financial support and customers – though it reportedly hasn’t generated a lot of interest from automotive manufacturers. That’s no surprise, as it took years for Robert Kearns, the inventor who came up with the most effective intermittent wiper system to see his product gain traction. (more…)

Sound Off? McLaren, Mercedes Take Wipers High Tech

Lifting military tech that uses sound waves to repel water – even bugs.

by on Dec.31, 2013

A future version of the McLaren P1 just might not need conventional windshield wipers.

They were one of the world’s first automotive options and remain one of the most critical among the safety gear on even the most modern automobiles.  But until recently, little had changed in over a century for the humble windshield wiper.

Oh, perhaps that’s not entirely true.  Over the decades, they’ve gotten bigger.  Manufacturers migrated from mechanical, hand-operated wipers to electric drive, more recently making multi-speed and intermittent wipers all but ubiquitous.

High Tech!

But several manufacturers are looking for truly high-tech alternatives that could make tomorrow’s wipers some of the most sophisticated devices on your car.

Mercedes-Benz took a big step forward when it introduced its new Magic Vision Control system on the latest version of the SL sports car.  That system eliminates the normally messy windshield wiper sprayer, fluid instead flowing out of the wipers directly onto the windshield.