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Falling Cows, Asteroid Crossings and Other Wacky Street Signs

Time’s running out to enter!

by on Aug.10, 2012

Beware: falling cows...?

We’re coming down to the wire! You have just one week to get your entries in for TheDetroitBureau’s Wild, Weird and Wacky Street Signs Contest – and a chance to win some great prizes, including a $500 Bridgestone tire gift certificate and more.

The good news is that our readers continue to come up with some great pics they’ve been snapping along the roadways around the world.  This one from Nicole Ridlen, snapped near Taos, New Mexico took us by surprise. While we’ve seen signs for falling rock zones but never knew we might have to look out for falling cows.

Have your own pic of a wild, weird or wacky street sign?  Click Here for the rules and to find out how to enter.  The contest runs through August 17 and we’ll then ask readers to help us judge the best, with winners announced over the Labor Day holiday.  In the meantime, here are some of the most recent entries in’s Wild, Weird and Wacky Street Signs Contest!


Coming Monday: The Wild, Weird and Wacky Street Signs Contest!

You're invited to share road signs that make you laugh, stare or just your their head.

by on Jun.29, 2012

Paying attention while driving has its rewards – like helping to avoid a crash or not getting lost – but now the payoff for paying attention could be prizes including a set of new tires, a digital camera and more in the “Wild, Weird and Wacky Street Signs Contest” presented by

We’ve seen plenty of them in our travels, like one near Los Angeles that warns, “Danger, Algae on the Road,” and another that declares, “This Sign Has Sharp Edges.”  There’s the street sign for Farfrompoopin Rd., in Story, Arkansas, and Traverse City, Michigan’s Psycho Path.

We’re betting you readers have you own favorites – lots of them, in fact – and we’d love to hear what you’ve come across in your own travels.

The “Wild, Weird and Wacky Street Signs Contest,” sponsored by Nissan, Bridgestone and, officially launches on Monday.  But keep your eyes — and camera — out until then.  You just might spot a winner!