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Revenge of the Electric Nerd?

Filmmaker Chris Paine admits reports of the death of the electric car were premature.

by on Oct.21, 2011

Documentarian Chris Paine's sequel opens today.

It’s not quite a mea culpa.  Anything but.  When filmmaker Chris Paine’s earlier documentary hit the screens five years ago it served to focus his outrage that the era of the electric car had come and gone.  But as Paine’s latest film reveals reports of the death of the battery-electric vehicle were greatly exaggerated.

The 2006 documentary, “Who Killed the Electric Car?” pointed plenty of fingers, mostly at General Motors for pulling the plug on its original EV1 battery car.  With the release of “Revenge of the Electric Car,” which opens today, Paine is once again pointing his hectoring lens.  But this time he has plenty of positive things to say – notably about GM.

The Final Word!

It’s clear things have changed since the original film came out.  “Who Killed…” was written in the wake of California’s decision to abandon a noble but flawed experiment aimed at forcing manufacturers to create a new generation of so-called zero-emissions vehicles.  With no other technology even close to ready for market that meant battery cars like the EV1.