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First Look: Audi A3 Concept

Audi delivers a show-stopper.

by on Mar.03, 2011

Audi delivers a show-stopper with the A3 Concept.

Just three years since the last significant update, Audi showed up in Geneva with a new version of the compact A3.  Well, not quite.

The coupe-like sedan drawing crowds at this week’s Geneva Motor Show is officially described as a “concept” vehicle, but it doesn’t take much of an effort to see what the next-generation A3 will look like when it goes into production.

The show car on display at Geneva’s PALExpo convention center has the requisite flash, some over-the-top lighting and the extensive use of carbon fiber accent pieces.

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But the basic lines follow the mandate of Walter de’Silva, the persuasive styling chief for Volkswagen AG, who is adamant in his opposition to recent trends which seem to stress the over-use of sheet metal creases and folds.  No, the new A3 is anything but slab-sided, but there is a simplicity in its elegance.