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Toyota Cedes Global Sales Crown to VW

VW sold 10.31 mil vehicles in 2016, a 3.8% gain.

by on Jan.30, 2017

Despite the sales hit it took due to the diesel scandal, Volkswagen overtook Toyota for the global sales crown.

It’s official: Volkswagen Group became the world’s best-selling automaker in 2016, toppling king-of-the-hill Toyota by more than 150,000 vehicles worldwide.

If anything, analysts suggested, the German maker’s lead would have been even larger were it not for VW ongoing diesel emissions scandal. Demand in the key U.S. market took a double-digit dip last year, but the “people’s car” company still managed to deliver a 3.8% global increase, buyers around the world taking delivery of 10.31 million products sold under a range of marques, from entry-level Seat to ultra-luxurious Bentley, as well as the flagship Volkswagen brand.

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By comparison, Toyota delivered 10.18 million vehicles last year, a more modest 0.2% year-over-year increase. The Japanese giant had snatched the sales crown from long-time leader General Motors in 2009, ceding the title only once during the past eight years. (more…)

VW Shoots to Global Number One Sales Spot

But Toyota still could regain momentum during the second half of 2015.

by on Jul.28, 2015

VW CEO Martin Winterkorn wants Volkswagen to be the biggest automaker in the world and he's getting his wish through the first six months of 2015.

The auto industry may have a new sales leader, Volkswagen outselling Toyota during the first half of the year for the first time.

But how things will shake out the rest of the year is far from certain, especially as the world’s largest automotive market, China, shows signs of faltering after more than a decade of double-digit growth. VW is the largest player in the Chinese market and has been struggling to head off a slump there.

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Toyota has its own problems. While it is gaining ground in China it has lost momentum in its home Japanese market. Overall, the maker saw sales dip 1.5% during the first six months of 2015 to 5.02 million vehicles. (more…)

Toyota Could Lose Sales Lead to VW This Year

Japanese giant plagued by problems in China.

by on Jan.26, 2015

A Toyota dealership in China was burned in 2012. Weak demand there could let VW pass the Japanese giant.

Toyota’s worldwide sales surged 3% last year, once again positioning the Japanese giant as the world’s top-selling automotive manufacturer. But with Toyota officials glumly anticipating a modest decline in 2015, the Japanese maker could cede leadership to its ambitious German rival Volkswagen AG.

Assign credit – or blame, if you prefer – to China. VW continues to dominate the world’s largest automotive market even while Toyota struggles to gain traction there. Japanese makers, in general, have had serious problems making headway in China, especially after tempers flared due a dispute between the two Asian nations over ownership of a chain of strategically placed islands.

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At one point, rioters burned a Toyota dealership and damaged 100s of Japanese vehicles. Sales have only slowly begun to recover, but Toyota’s sales in China are still barely a third of those of the market’s top two manufacturers, Volkswagen and General Motors.