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GM Slides to 3rd as VW Nabs 2nd Spot in Global Sales

Toyota firmly in the lead.

by on Oct.16, 2014

Vehicles like the new Golf "family" have helped Volkswagen grow sales worldwide.

For three-quarters of a century the world’s best-selling carmaker, General Motors has slipped another notch down the automotive ladder, Volkswagen AG pushing past to become number two in the industry pecking order.

With the first nine months of the year behind it, the German maker sold 7.4 million passenger vehicles compared to 7.37 million for GM. Though it hasn’t reported its numbers for the first three quarters yet, Japanese giant Toyota Motor Co. is expected to maintain its hold on the industry’s number one spot.

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Industry analysts say the real race, going forward, is likely to be between Toyota and VW, the German automaker laying out an aggressive expansion program it hopes will let it become king-of-the-automotive-hill before the end of the decade.


VW Vies for World Domination

Toyota tumbles, GM stuck in 2nd in analyst survey.

by on Oct.25, 2011

VW Chairman Martin WInterkorn may get his wish of world domination seven years early.

Volkswagen’s ambitious Chairman Martin Winterkorn may get his wish a half decade earlier than expected, a survey of key auto analysts predicting that as we roll into the final months of 2011 the German company is poised to become the world’s largest automotive manufacturer.

That’s at least seven years ahead of VW’s original target for world domination – but the maker had an unexpected, if tragic, helping hand.  Toyota, which had been the automotive king-of-the-hill for several years running, has been toppled by the Japanese earthquake and tsunami that crippled production for most of that country’s manufacturers for much of the past year.

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General Motors, meanwhile, is also expected to push past Toyota, though it won’t regain the lead it held for three-quarters of a century thanks to the aggressive sales push by VW, according to a study by Bloomberg News.

That report predicts that sales will rise 13% this year for Volkswagen – which was the number-three maker for 2010 – to 8.1 million.  General Motors will gain 8%, to reach 7.5 million.  Toyota, meanwhile, will see sales slip by 9%, to 7.27 million, according to the analyst survey.


VW Dominates Booming China. Challenges Loom

Is Chinese market finally cooling down? The Central Government has the power to stop the boom - and wants to.

by on Aug.04, 2010

Can Volkwagen continue to ride the tiger as China's best-selling automaker?

As one of the first foreign manufacturers to set up shop behind the old Bamboo Curtain, Volkswagen has been able to take advantage of the booming Chinese car market in a way that its competitors can only envy.

The German maker recently announced plans to add yet another Chinese assembly plant, hoping to keep up with demand that has strained its already significant capacity. (See VW Signs Contracts for another Chinese Plant -Another 300,000 vehicles annually from Eastern China.)

But despite its position as the country’s largest automaker, a senior VW official admits there are plenty of challenges ahead: from rising competition to the Chinese government’s own efforts to cool down an automotive market that has, at times grown by triple digits, threatening to overheat the economy.

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“The pace of growth has slowed down, largely because of government intervention,” says David Goggins, VW AG’s vice president of marketing and strategy in China, “but that makes sense.  It was running at unsustainable levels.”