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Deja Vu All Over Again: the 2018 Volvo XC60

The next wave of Swedish metal hits the street.

by on Mar.09, 2017

At a glance, the new XC60 is almost indistinguishable from its bigger sibling, the XC90.

Plenty of folks visiting this year’s Geneva Motor Show are likely to get a sense of déjà vu when they swing by the Volvo stand. No surprise: at first blush, one could readily confuse the all-new Volvo XC60 with the maker’s only slightly older XC90.

And that’s not a bad thing, considering the design of the bigger crossover remains fresh and, since the two models share the same, flexible SPA architecture, we’re expecting the Volvo XC60 will also boast many of the same dynamic attributes that helped the XC90 win honors as North American Truck of the Year in 2016.

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Smaller, yes, but still, from first blush, more than roomy enough for five passengers. And it has many of the XC90’s most important features – which for Volvo buyers, starts with an assortment of the latest safety technology. Meanwhile, the new XC60 will be easier on the pocketbook, with the price expected to start at around $40,000 once it reaches U.S. showrooms later this year. (more…)

Volvo Stepping Up Pace of Product Makeover

"We strongly believe in electrification."

by on Mar.09, 2017

The new Volvo XC60 making its debut at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show.

With the roll-out of its premium line-up complete, Volvo is now moving on to higher-volume mainstream models, such as the new XC60 utility vehicle making its debut this week at the Geneva Motor Show.

Buoyed by strong sales of the crossover, sedan and wagon versions of its 90-Series, Volvo officials are betting the brand has finally regained some much-needed momentum, and are betting on an assortment of upcoming products to keep that going, including the even smaller 40-Series that will start rolling out at the end of 2017.

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All three product families will be critical to the Swedish brand’s long-term future, and to the continuing support of Chinese parent Geely, which purchased Volvo from Ford Motor Co. in 2010. Geely has placed an $11 billion bet on Volvo, an investment that includes not only two new plants in China, but also another in the U.S. that will come on line during the second half of 2018.


Volvo’s New V90 Wagon Strikes a Chord

Swedish-Chinese maker looking for another home run with wagon.

by on Mar.01, 2016

Volvo wagon fans will feel their hearts go pitter-pat with the introduction of the new V90 wagon.

Volvo’s drawn plenty of accolades in recent months, including the North American Truck/SUV of the Year for the XC90, but nothing touches the hearts of Volvo purists like the company’s station wagons.

The love affair begins anew with the company’s just-debuted V90 wagon unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, and joining the company’s top-of-the-line 90 series vehicles: the aforementioned XC90 and the recently released S90 sedan.

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“We have a very strong position in the estate segment,” said Håkan Samuelsson, president and chief executive of Volvo Cars. “In many people’s minds we are known as the definitive estate brand. While the Volvo brand today stands for more than estates, we are proud to carry forward this rich heritage with the V90.” (more…)

Volvo Reveals Concept Estate Ahead of Geneva Debut

Completes concept trilogy.

by on Feb.27, 2014

Volvo debuts the third in its trilogy of concept vehicles at the Geneva Motor Show: the Volvo Concept Estate.

There are plenty of big changes coming at Volvo, the Swedish maker planning a major shift in its powertrain strategy, opening a pair of factories in China – and adopting a new, and much more expressive design language.

We’ve been getting hints of where the styling side of that equation will head as Volvo has rolled out a trio of concept vehicles over the last three months covering three of its primary body styles.

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It began with the Frankfurt Motor Show reveal of the Volvo Concept Coupe, continued at Detroit North American International Auto Show with the unveiling of the Concept XC Coupe – and will wrap up at next week’s Geneva Motor Show with the debut of the Volvo Concept Estate. (more…)

New Volvo System Spots Pedestrians, Cyclists, Make Emergency Stops

Maker working on next-gen model capable of spotting animals.

by on Mar.07, 2013

Volvo's system uses a combination of radar and vision sensors to spot obstacles.

Volvo is launching a new safety system capable of spotting not only pedestrians but even bicyclists weaving in and out of traffic.

The latest update of the maker’s well-regarded City Safety technology, the system is designed to sound an alert if it spots a potential collision. But it’s also capable of bringing the vehicle to an abrupt halt, if necessary, should the driver be distracted or not respond in time.

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The initial version of City Safety, first launched in 2010, was designed to look for other cars, but Volvo has taken advantages of advances in vision processing, data crunching and software to continually update the system, which uses both a camera hidden on the windshield side of the rearview mirror and a radar sensor in the vehicle’s grille.


Volvo Making Life a Little Brighter with New Active High Beam Headlamps

A bright alternative to dimming your lights.

by on Mar.01, 2013

Volvo's new system allows the driver to leave the high beams on almost full-time.

New technology has become as important to motorists as new cars, it seems, and Volvo is one of several makers who plan to focus on high-tech breakthroughs during the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, the Swedish maker switching on its new Active High Beam headlamp system.

To be offered on its S60, V60 and XC60 models, the Active High Beam Control technology will allow motorists to leave their brights on at all times, using a novel, high-tech approach to avoid blinding other drivers.

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So far, that may not sound so unique.  As far back as the 1960s, some luxury cars were equipped with primitive light sensors that were intended to detect the lights of oncoming vehicles and automatically dim the vehicle’s headlamps.  Similar technology has become relatively common today.

But instead of switching back to low beams, which means far less visibility on back roads or moonless nights, Volvo’s new system doesn’t dim its headlamps.  Instead, it automatically blocks out a portion of the high beam to prevent it from blinding other drivers.