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Volvo Teases New Concept C

Show car slated for Frankfurt reveal.

by on Aug.26, 2013

Volvo video gives a quick glimpse of new Concept C.

Volvo has been making plenty of promises for the future, the Swedish maker hinting at a variety of new products and a major transformation of its powertrain line-up to start rolling out over the next few years.

We’re likely to get a good look at what it has in mind during the Frankfurt Motor Show next month – and if a new teaser video released on is any indication, the Volvo Concept C will be anything but the plain “vanilla,” wagons that prior generations had grown used to.

What a Concept!

True, the now Chinese-owned maker has been steadily moving away from its boxy design roots in recent years, and the Volvo Concept You shown at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show offered a clear glimpse of where things are going. But if the snippets seen in this brief teaser are any indication, the Volvo design language is evolving rather rapidly.


No Polish Joke: Polish Website Leaks Pics of New Volvo V40

Details to come at Geneva Motor Show.

by on Feb.23, 2012

A Facebook leak provides us with a clear picture of the new Volvo S40.

Somebody is going to need to plug the leak in Geneva – not us of course.  It seems like every day we catch a glimpse of another one of the many products that are scheduled to debut at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.  And today brought a pair of inadvertent early releases, the Audi A3 and, here, the new Volvo V40.

Images of the Swedish 5-door offering – which just happens to be targeted against the likes of the Audi A3 – surfaced on Polish magazine Motodziennik’s Facebook page a good week ahead of schedule.

All the News!

Until now, Volvo has only offered a fuzzy silhouette image to tease interest.

For the moment, Volvo isn’t providing any additional details, hoping it can still draw a crowd to its stand at Geneva’s PALExpo Convention Center.  But we’re hearing enough about the new wagon to offer a few hints of what is planned.


Volvo Set on Shift to 4-Cylinders

Maker betting fewer cylinders will equal more sales.

by on Feb.09, 2012

The Volvo Concept You hints at the direction the maker plans to take, including its shift to small 4-cylinder and battery-based powertrains.

Volvo is committed to using only four-cylinder engines across its entire model line but it could take as long as five years to implement the strategy completely, according to John Maloney, the Chinese-owned Swedish maker’s U.S. president and chief executive officer.

During a keynote speech at the Chicago Auto Show, Maloney pointed to ongoing market trends and the likelihood that fuel prices will ultimately go up again to explain why Volvo is moving to an exclusive four-cylinder strategy even while key competitors emphasize sixes, eights and even 12-cylinder powertrains.

Your Winning News Source!

“It just makes sense,” he said, noting that not only are fours more fuel-efficient but today able to match the power and performance of traditional, larger engines.  The technology also will make Volvo’s operations more efficient but simplifying the company’s purchasing and manufacturing operations.


Smaller Engines Are Proving Big Sellers

V-6s now dominate in Ford’s F-Series, while Volvo will migrate to 4s and 3s.

by on Sep.21, 2011

The majority of Ford F-150s are now being ordered with 6-cylinder engines.

Nearly six of every 10 Ford F-Series pickups now are being purchased with V-6 powertrains, Ford officials confirm, a significant shift away from the classic V-8s that have long been the engines of choice among full-size truck buyers.

The downsizing reflects a variety of factors, according to top Ford officials, including a growing emphasis on fuel economy among all U.S. buyers.  But Ford is also benefitting from the development of a new generation of high-performance V-6s that can match and, in some cases, even exceed the performance and towing power of bigger eights, even while delivering significantly better mileage.

Stay in the Know!

The shift seen by Ford isn’t limited to big trucks.  Across the board, American motorists are migrating to smaller powertrains – and several makers are responding by planning big changes in their engine line-ups.  Hyundai has largely switched to I-4s for its mainstream line-up, and Volvo soon plans to shift to 4- and even 3-cylinder engines across the board.

“People are looking at fuel economy more than ever,” says Ford’s President of the Americas Mark Fields, who adds that the key selling point is that with the new engines, “you don’t have to compromise.”


First Look: Volvo Concept You

Square and boxy? Not.

by on Sep.13, 2011

Volvo's Concept You will help define the future design language for the automaker -- and should become its next flagship sedan.

Remember when Volvo had a simple design formula: make them square and boxy? Well, not anymore.  The maker has been steadily transforming its visual image as it rolls out a series of new models like the S60 R-Design and, at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, the Concept You.

As the name implies, the big Volvo on display at the Frankfurt Messe is a prototype, but one that CEO Stefan Jacoby says is a “glimpse of the future of the Volvo company.”

There’s clearly been a lot going on at Volvo of late.  The maker is just celebrating its first year since being sold by Ford Motor Co. to the ambitious Chinese holding company that also produces China’s domestic Geely brand.

A Good Investment - And its Free!

With its parent’s support, Jacoby has outlined an aggressive agenda which calls for a huge growth spurt – to 800,000 vehicles annually, which would put it in the big leagues with luxury marques like Lexus, BMW or Audi. And the elegant Concept You underscores Jacoby’s desire to take Volvo up-market in the process.