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Meet Cedric: Volkswagen’s Robot Car

No need to stick out your thumb when it can press the button to call this driverless vehicle.

by on Mar.06, 2017

VW CEO Matthias Mueller displays the key fob that controls Cedric, VW's prototype robotic car.

Need a ride? Don’t stick out your thumb. You won’t have to bother with a smartphone app, either, not if Volkswagen’s vision of the future comes to pass. You’ll just have to press a button to summon Cedric.

That’s the name of the prototype robotic car that Volkswagen revealed during a preview of the Geneva Motor Show Monday night. Using artificial intelligence and an array of sensors, Cedric is designed to roam the streets like a driverless cab, quickly responding when an owner or user taps the button on a small fob.

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“This button will provide individual mobility for everyone,” explained VW Group CEO Matthias Mueller, as he held up one of the little fobs which is about the side of a computer thumb drive. (more…)