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Lutz Pushes for Commercial Vehicle Electrification

Former GM exec professes love for EVs, but says industry’s got it wrong.

by on Jan.15, 2014

Bob Lutz, Via board member, talks about Via's new $80 million contract at the company's press conference. Photo credit: Len Katz.

Via Motors, a start-up company planning to offer plug-in electric vehicles to commercial customers, said it has received an $80 million contract as part of a transcontinental electrification project.

Robert Lutz, former GM vice chairman and a leading advocate for extended range electric vehicles, told reporters at Via press conference at the North American International Auto Show that electrification of vehicles, such as vans and pickup trucks, makes more sense than making small electric vehicle.

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“We’ve got it backwards,” said Lutz, who brought the Chevrolet Volt to life while he was at GM and describes himself has a fan of electric vehicles. “I’ve always like electric vehicles. I just don’t like their range.” (more…)

Fleets See Benefits of Electrifying Light-duty Trucks

Converter installs Chevy Volt-style E-REV system in GM trucks.

by on Jan.12, 2012

Bob Lutz, former vice chairman of General Motors, is advising Via Motors, which is converting GM trucks to run on electricity. "I do believe that the industry is about to be transformed."

Chevrolet’s groundbreaking Volt extended-range electric vehicle is a great first step, but a fledgling new company wants to do a similar system for light-duty trucks.

Considering the poor mileage such trucks get and the number of them on the road – making up half of all vehicles in this country – the company’s vehicles could have a huge impact in reducing carbon dioxide emissions and fuel use. And it will help that the company has one of important car executives in a generation lending his name to the project.

Via Motors is a startup company that converts existing full-size pickup trucks – and soon large vans and sport utility vehicles – into extended-range electric vehicles or E-REV for short.

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Speaking at a Detroit Auto Show press conference, Bob Lutz, General Motors’ former vice chairman and the father of the Volt, said light truck owners are recognizing the benefits of Via’s system.


Bob Lutz Tries Retirement, Says No Thanks

Celebrated auto exec picks up yet another advisory role, his third

by on Sep.28, 2011

Alan Perriton, Bob Lutz, Kraig Higginson pose in front of VIA's Extended-Range Electric Truck

Maximum Bob is back. Again. Someone should talk to him about the definition of “retirement.”

Just weeks after General Motors announced that former Vice Chairman Bob Lutz was coming back as a consultant, VIA Motors, a Utah startup, has announced that Lutz would join the company as a consultant. Lutz also serves as an advisor to Lotus.

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VIA plans to convert existing pickup trucks, vans and sport utility vehicles into extended-range electric vehicles similar in concept to the Chevrolet Volt.

Lutz, 79, is coming on board to help raise capital for the venture and help establish partnerships with automakers, according to David West, VIA’s chief marketing officer, Automotive News reported.