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Domestic Brands Dominate in New Vehicle Satisfaction Awards

Lincoln named top premium brand, though Mercedes S-Class still top car.

by on May.19, 2011

Caddy's big Escalade is named the most satisfying truck model in the 2011 VSA.

Long written off by much of the American public, Detroit’s Big Three automakers have been gaining sales and market share in recent months, in part due to the accolades the makers are receiving for their newest products.  So, the results of the 2011 Vehicle Satisfaction Awards will likely contribute to that momentum.

Domestic brands dominated the annual study by California-based research firm AutoPacific, Inc. which looks to find which vehicles do the best job of pleasing their owners.

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The study found that two brands often described as “struggling” actually led the list: Lincoln being named the Top Premium Brand, Chrysler ranked Top Popular Brand by the motorists who participated in the Vehicle Satisfaction Awards, or VSA.

Ford Motor Co. captured seven awards overall, the most of any maker in individual product segments.  The Cadillac Escalade, meanwhile, was the overall highest-ranked light truck model in the 2011 study, though an import, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, did top the list when it came to most satisfying passenger car.


2010 Vehicle Satisfaction Awards

Detroit dominates; Toyota hurt by safety scandal.

by on May.20, 2010

Cadillac takes top honors in the new Vehicle Satisfaction Index. Can GM's flagship brand keep the momentum going with future products, like the XTS?

Which brands and models are most likely to satisfy American motorists?  According to a new study, Detroit dominates the list.

Cadillac is not just the top luxury brand but the most satisfying brand overall, with Buick being chosen as the top “popular” brand, according to the 2010 Vehicle Satisfaction Awards.  The annual study, produced by California-based AutoPacific, Inc., also shows Ford models winning top honors in seven individual vehicle categories, while the two Japanese makers, Toyota and Honda, capture just four each. Nissan and General Motors both scored three category wins.

“Vehicles that score highest in the Vehicle Satisfaction Awards are delivering value and satisfaction across a wide range of attributes,” says AutoPacific President George Peterson. “The winners perform well in 48 separate categories that objectively measure the ownership experience.”

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Cadillac’s double victory as both the overall most satisfying brand and top luxury brand comes at the expense of Toyota’s own high-line marque, Lexus.  It’s particularly significant considering the increased role Caddy will play, going forward, as one of just four GM brands – out of the original eight – to survive the maker’s bankruptcy, last year.