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Neither Snow nor Hail…the Post Office Needs a New Truck to Get Around

Forget the Pony Express, your mail carrier wants a bigger, more fuel-efficient set of wheels.

by on Mar.11, 2015

For decades, this is how the mail was delivered in the United States. The "vehicle" has changed over time.

The Pony Express is long gone. So are the Ford Pintos. Over the years, the U.S. Post Office has tried a lot of different ways to make its appointed rounds. These days, carriers generally settle for a mix of minivans and aging Grumman trucks. But in its bid to become more efficient – and competitive with package services like UPS and FedEx, the USPS is looking to find its “next-generation delivery vehicle.”

It’s no small task. The post office is eventually expected to need 180,000 new trucks, so the eventual contract is likely to be worth something on the order of $6 billion.

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“Though the existing fleet has served the Postal Service well, it has become expensive to continue to maintain the aging vehicles,” said USPS spokeswoman Sarah Ninivaggi. (more…)

Postal Service Emphasizes Alternative Fuel and Hybrids in Replacement Vehicle Purchases

Virtually all of the vehicles will be acquired from U.S. makers.

by on Jul.13, 2009

U.S. Postal Service Photo

The Postal Service handles more than 44% of the world's mail volume, delivering more mail to more addresses and to a larger geographic area than any other postal administration in the world.

The U.S. Postal Service plans to purchase 900 new hybrids as well as 1,000 E-85 ethanol-capable vehicles as it replaces some 6,500 vehicles this year.

The balance of the Government Services Administration buy for the Postal Service will be fuel-efficient, four-cylinder vehicles, which will replace aging vehicles at postal facilities across the country. Virtually all of the vehicles will be acquired from U.S. manufacturers.

There was no cost to the Postal Service for the vehicles. GSA bore all purchase and distribution expenses.

With 220,000 vehicles, the Postal Service operates and maintains the largest civilian fleet in the country. When added the 1,900 vehicles from GSA will bring the total number of alternate fuel-capable vehicles in the Postal Service fleet to more than 43,000, postal officials said.

“With our fleet traveling more than 1.2 billion miles a year, the Postal Service consistently looks for ways to reduce the environmental footprint that results from visiting every home and business in America six days a week,” said Sam Pulcrano, vice president, Sustainability. ” The GSA fleet upgrade program will help us continue these strategies,” he said.

No Stamp Required!

No Stamp Required!

“This is a unique opportunity for the Postal Service to continue work on our goals for improved fuel economy, greenhouse gas reductions, and on our position as an environmental leader,” said Wayne Corey, manager, Vehicle Operations, who is overseeing the vehicle delivery.