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United Airlines Breaks Guitars

Yet another reason, as if we needed more, why cars are better.

by on Dec.31, 2009

There is a large disparity between airline advertising claims and actual performance.

As we bid 2009 fare thee well, a clever music video, click here, takes on United Airlines. It seems that a musician named Dave Carroll had his guitar damaged during a United flight that passed through O’Hare  airport.

United Airline’s response was apparently inept and callous at best, which is often the case when has dealings with airlines. You could say United’s  response was out of tune with the times.

Ah,  the web is now the great equalizer, as too many corporations — especially automakers and airlines — have yet to realize in their old style customer handling practices, based on the e-mails gets.

In Tune!

Dave’s video has since received millions upon millions of  hits, and United Airlines after more than a year of  blowing Dave off is belatedly trying to make amends.

Happy New Year to all from the May all your safe landings equal the number of takeoffs.

Sproule Says Sayonara to Nissan

PR chief taking top flak spot at Microsoft

by on Feb.10, 2009

Sayonara Tokyo, hello Seattle

Sayonara Tokyo, hello Seattle

One of the youngest and well-respected PR chiefs in the auto industry is moving on. Just days after Nissan Motor Co. reported a massive loss and revealed plans to slash jobs around the world, Simon Sproule has announced he will be among those leaving the troubled Asian maker – in this case voluntarily. Sproule will become vice president and global public relations chief at Seattle-based Microsoft Corp., starting March 2nd.

“A big brand like that comes along for someone like me only once in a lifetime,” said Sproule, talking to from the offices, in Tokyo, which he will officially vacate on February 27th.

So far, no word on who will replace him at Nissan. But the British-born media relations executive responded with a stern, “no,” when asked if his departure had anything to do with the announcement, on Monday, that Nissan would go billions of dollars into the red for the fiscal year ending March 31st, triggering 20,000 job cuts worldwide. Sproule said he had already signed up with Microsoft before the bad news became apparent.