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UAW Eyeing Production Levels at US Plants

Union officials about rising import levels.

by on Jul.21, 2017

GM CEO Mary Barra and UAW President Dennis Williams talk regularly about the number of vehicles GM imports from other countries, Williams said.

The United Auto Workers union is keeping an eye on General Motors Co, Ford Motor Co. and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles concerned about the potential threat to plants and jobs from slumping U.S. car sales and by increased imports from countries like China.

“We are talking to (GM) right now about the products that they currently have” at underused car plants such as Hamtramck in Michigan and Lordstown in Ohio, and whether they might be replaced with newer, more popular vehicles such as crossovers, UAW president Dennis Williams said.

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“We are tracking it (and) we are addressing it,” said Williams noting he meets quarterly with GM Chairman and CEO Mary Barra. The discussion about replacement products is ongoing. (more…)

UAW Pushes for Organizing Vote at Nissan’s Mississippi Plant

Union faces several hurdles in its latest effort.

by on Jul.11, 2017

Danny Glover, spoke during a recent UAW rally in Canton, Mississippi. Photo credit: UAW.

After a long and often tortuous campaign, the United Auto Workers has filed for an election at Nissan’s sprawling assembly plant in Canton, Mississippi.

The campaign began nearly a decade ago but has been stalled several times by Nissan’s efforts to organizing the workers at the plant. The UAW said little about the petition for a vote but generally the union has not asked for a vote unless it has surveys among workers indicate a majority of the workers support the union.

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However, the union faces several issues including the fact that a large percentage of workers in the plant are “temporary” employees, who are paid by an outside contractor. In the past, most of the support for the union has come from full-time employees, who have seen their terms of employment altered by the company. (more…)

Nissan Says “No” to UAW

Union wants talks to discuss organizing drive at Canton plant.

by on Mar.24, 2017

The UAW and Nissan are butting heads again over the maker's Canton, Mississippi, plant.

Nissan has rebuffed new efforts by the United Auto Workers Union to begin organizing the maker’s big assembly plant in Canton, Mississippi.

The factory has landed at the center of the UAW’s attention as it struggles to kick-start long-stalled efforts to represent workers at the many foreign-assembly plants that have sprung up across the South in recent years. Following a March 4 rally outside the plant headlined by U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, the union demanded to meet with company officials to discuss worker concerns.

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But Nissan executive Scott Becker responded by rejecting the proposed meeting, telling the UAW, “It would be inappropriate to have discussions with your union regarding employees at Nissan’s manufacturing plant in Canton, Miss., without your union first having obtained the support of a majority of employees at that plant.” (more…)

UAW Ready to Talk Trade with Trump

Union agrees with President-elect's plan to renegotiate NAFTA.

by on Nov.11, 2016

UAW President Dennis Williams says the union supports President-elect Donald Trump's plans to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement.

The United Auto Workers, which had campaigned against Donald Trump this fall, is prepared to support the Republican President-elect in his bid to overturn the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Meanwhile, both the Canadian government of Justin Trudeau, whose own union supporters want the NAFTA re-opened, and the government of Mexico have signaled they are willing to open talks with the new Trump administration on changing NAFTA, which has been instrumental in the development of a robust Mexican auto industry.

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“We will work with President-elect Trump as much as we can,” UAW President Dennis Williams said during a session with reporters at UAW headquarters in Detroit. (more…)

Canadian Union Workers Ratify New Deal with Ford

Concerns about "no" vote in Oakville don't materialize.

by on Nov.07, 2016

Unifor's Jerry Dias hammered out the basically deal with Ford as he did with FCA and GM.

The final deal is done between the Detroit Three automakers and hourly union workers in Canada as Unifor, the union that represents 23,000 auto workers, announced those employees of Ford of Canada Ltd. narrowly ratified a new four-year labor agreement.

The Ford contract includes a $630 million commitment to renovate the Essex Engine plant in Windsor, Ontario, bringing $1.6 billion worth of new investments that Unifor negotiated during the latest round of talks with Detroit’s automakers.

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Besides the Essex renovation, Unifor also received assurances from Ford that the Windsor assembly plant will stay open during the length of the four-year term of the new contract even without significant new investment. (more…)

Ford Averts Strike with New Canadian Pact

Unifor completes talks with U.S.-based automakers.

by on Nov.01, 2016

Unifor President Jerry Dias is demanded additional investment in Canada and got from the Detroit Three automakers.

Unifor, the union representing Canadian Auto Workers, said it reached a tentative contract with the Ford Motor Co. as it concluded what union leaders described as a successful round of labor negotiations.

The tentative agreement was reached just after the old contract had expired, averting a strike at Ford that would have shut down the company’s operations in Canada, which employ more than 6,400 workers.

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Jerry Dias, Unifor president, said the tentative agreement follows the pattern set in earlier negotiations with General Motors and Fiat Chrysler. The proposed agreement also includes more than $630 million in new investment at Ford plants in Ontario. (more…)

Canadian Union Sets Deadline for Ford Negotiations

Unifor facing tougher battle this time around.

by on Oct.18, 2016

Union leaders at Ford's Oakville, Ontario, plant are already saying that the pattern agreement with GM and FCA will get voted down at the facility.

With contracts with General Motors and Fiat Chrysler complete, Unifor, the union that represents Canadian auto workers, now turns its focus to negotiations with Ford Motor Co.

The union has set a deadline of Oct. 31, and tension about the two-tier wage system that was left basically intact in the in the new four-year contracts with GM and FCA.

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Unifor President Jerry Dias has said that securing investment for the two Windsor engine plants will be the key to the talks. The Windsor engine plant, which employs 1,400, needs a longer term commitment of new product to stay open, says Chris Taylor, Local 200 president, who chairs the union’s Ford master bargaining committee. (more…)

Workers at FCA Canada Ratify New Pact

FCA deal follows GM's pattern setter.

by on Oct.17, 2016

Employees at Fiat Chrysler's Brampton, Ontario, plant approved the new pact with the company.

Members of Unifor, the union that represents Canadian auto workers, ratified a new contract with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V. with 70.1% of the eligible union members voting for the contract.

Nearly 10,000 FCA employees were eligible to vote on the deal, which included a commitment to overhaul the paint shop at the company’s assembly plant in Brampton, Ontario, and as well as an immediate pay increase of 2% and bonuses during the next four years.

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However, the contract left intact a two-tier wage system that requires new employees to accumulate 10 years of seniority before reaching the upper tier with the higher pay scale. (more…)

FCA Averts Strike by Agreeing to Canadian Pact

FCA complained deal was too rich, but agreed anyway.

by on Oct.11, 2016

Unifor's Jerry Dias hammered out the same deal with FCA as he did with GM.

With a strike threat hanging in the air negotiators for Unifor and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV reached a last-minute tentative agreement that averted a strike by 9,700 auto workers that would have shut down the company’s two Canadian assembly plants and a casting plant used for engine parts.

Fiat Chrysler agreed to a new contract virtually identical to the one the union had forged last month with General Motors, which gives union members $12,000 in bonuses spread over four years and wage increases of 2% in the first and fourth years of the contract.

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FCA representatives protested the GM agreement was too rich for the Italian-American company, but as the deadline approached agreed to the union demands, which also included a major investment the automaker’s assembly plant in Brampton, Ontario. (more…)

GM Pact Approved by Canadian Workers

New deal calls for $420 million in investments.

by on Sep.26, 2016

GM committed to invest its plant in Oshawa, Ontario, as part of the new deal.

General Motors workers represented by Unifor ratified a new contract that includes pay raises totaling 4% during the course of the agreement, thousands of dollars in bonuses and $420 million in investment by GM in its Canadian operations in Oshawa, St. Catharines and Woodstock, Ontario.

The ratification vote was closer than expected, 65% to 35%, reflecting a measure of disappointment among Canadian workers regarding the continuation of the 10-year grow-in period for new workers to reach the contract’s top wage. The ratification results among skilled trades was even closer as the agreement was approved by just 56% of the union members voting on the pact.

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However, union leaders said they were satisfied with the outcome of the negotiations. The new contract did meet the union’s top goal of winning commitments for new investment, Unifor officials said. (more…)