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Ford Deal Won’t Be Identical to FCA Contract, UAW Claims

Union leader works to calm fears about potential pact.

by on Oct.14, 2015

UAW leaders are addressing concerns by its Ford members that they will be forced to essentially take the same deal FCA is getting.

One of the United Auto Workers top negotiators said the union’s next contract with the Ford Motor Co. will be flexible enough and different enough to match the automaker’s particular needs.

“I am updating you on where we currently are in the negotiation process. I understand that this process has taken longer than expected,” Jimmy Settles, the vice president in charge of the union’s Ford said in a note to UAW members.

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“As most of you know, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) was chosen as the lead company and the UAW is currently working toward ratification of its tentative agreement from the UAW-FCA membership. UAW-FCA is tentatively expected to conclude its voting on October 21st, 2015,” Settles added. (more…)

Ford Faces Strike Deadline at Key Plant

Kansas City truck plant ready to walk.

by on Sep.30, 2015

Talks between the UAW and Ford just got a little tenser as the union informed the automaker it plans to strike if key issues don't get resolved next week.

The United Auto Workers has targeted the one of Ford Motor Co.’s key assembly plants in Kansas City, Missouri, for a strike if bargaining doesn’t resolve key issues by early next week.

The Kansas City plant builds a number of variations of Ford’s F-150 pickup trucks, which is one of the most profitable vehicles built by the company in the United States. After a slow start, production of the new, aluminum F-150 is running at top speed now and a strike would quickly reduce inventories of new vehicles.

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Jimmy Settles, UAW vice president in charge of negotiations with Ford, said the company had left the union with little choice but to intensify the dispute in a bid for a fair and acceptable agreement. The strike warning should not have any impact on the other negotiations at Ford, including the ongoing discussion for a new master agreement covering wages and benefits. (more…)