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Workers Close to Rejecting New Ford Contract

UAW leaders step up effort to win over rank-and-file.

by on Nov.18, 2015

UAW Vice President Jimmy Settles now has to win over workers at two key Ford plants.

Workers at two major Ford Motor Co. plants have roundly rejected the tentative four-year contract they’ve been offered by the automaker, raising the specter that this agreement might also go down to defeat, much like the settlement originally offered by Fiat Chrysler AG earlier this autumn.

That would be the latest setback for the leadership team at the United Auto Workers Union, UAW bargainers already struggling to pull things together at General Motors. Line workers there accepted their own contract offer, but that deal was rejected by skilled trades employees.

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In an unusual move, union leaders were scheduled to hold a news conference Wednesday morning to address the situation and lay out plans to move forward. Under UAW President Dennis Williams, the union has been struggling to win over workers who want to make significant gains after years of concessions and who see the auto industry setting record sales and near-record profits.


UAW-FCA Tentative Pact Faces Critical Vote

Toledo plant result makes or breaks the deal.

by on Sep.29, 2015

Workers at FCA's Toledo, Ohio, plant are key to the tentative deal between Fiat Chrysler and the UAW getting approved.

The fate of the United Auto Workers contract with the FCA U.S. may hinge on voting at the assembly complex in Toledo, Ohio, where workers are uneasy about the pending changes in the product plan outlined by the company’s CEO Sergio Marchionne.

The FCA employees have been concerned that the company could shift production to another plant within the manufacturing system built by the old Chrysler Group. However, Toledo now stands to lose its other key product, the Jeep Cherokee, according to Marchionne, who let the information out during an interview with the trade publication.

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UAW president Dennis Williams has tried to re-assure workers that no product placement decisions have been made yet but workers at the big assembly complex, the largest in FCA U.S., remain deeply skeptical of both the pact and of Marchionne, who, in the past, has promised to do what he could to keep jobs in Toledo in return for the loyal and dedicated service of the employees that build Jeep products. (more…)

UAW Lands Big Gains – While GM Also Meets Key Demands

A closer look at the first of the new Big Three contracts.

by on Sep.19, 2011

Now that GM has settled, the UAW will have to focus on Chrysler and Ford - union chief Bob King shown here with Ford CEO Bill Ford.

Negotiators for General Motors and the United Auto Workers Union might have missed their deadline but the settlement they worked out – peacefully – late last Friday appears to be one that qualifies as the clichéd Win-Win for both labor and management.

Official details won’t be released until tomorrow, after UAW bargainers meet with the local union leaders who’ll have to sell the agreement to the rank-and-file.  But significant details are already leaking out and was able to pull together enough to get a clear understanding of why both sides are pleased with what they’ve hammered out.

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The agreement meets some of the union’s key demands, such as a large signing bonus, improved profit-sharing and increases for new workers hired in under a second-tier wage structure.  At the same time, GM will see steps taken to improve the productivity of its U.S. plants, and it appears likely the maker will actually be able to place even more workers, going forward, into the lower, Tier 2 wage category.